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    terricody posted:
    Im still kinda in shock and it is 3:30am and i can't sleep but I got my BFP!!!!! hard to believe just one cycle after my m/c so im nevous here and hoping my little bean will stick this time.. i had 2m/c with 11mos apart and really want this baby so bad..

    I want you ladies to know how much I appreciate each and everyone of you for being very supportive to me and want to see ALL you wonderful ladies to get your BFP!!

    You gotta believe! Thanks to all of you Love u guys this board rocks and i plan to stick around to see my girls get there BFP!
    goosballs responded:
    YAY!! Congrats!!
    kmej117 responded:
    Oh stick bean stick!!!

    Congratulations hun!!!
    TheDans responded:
    Congrats! H&H 9 months to you!
    QueenB73 responded:
    OMG congrats!!!! Sending lots of sticky vibes!!!
    ssb2007 responded:
    I was pretty sure you were preggo, but I didn't want to help get you all excited, just in case. Congrats!!! H&H9 months AND STICKY VIBES. Call your doctor 1st thing in the morning and get your butt down there for blood work ASAP so you cann see if there is a progesterone issue. GL.
    kseals responded:
    Yay yay yay yay! Congrats! Call the dr ASAP!!!!
    wantingbaby123 responded:
    Congrats Girl!!
    terricody responded:
    Thanks ladies, I didn't even tell hubby yet but i will show him the test when he gets home and im calling dr this morning
    wantingbaby123 responded:
    How did you two do it (if you dont mind me asking)? Doing charts and temps or just humping a lot? LOL!!
    gerrys3 responded:
    congratulations hun,i knew it due around same time see you here and first tri boards too,soo excited!
    BotanicaofKansas responded:
    YAAAYYYYY! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is so exciting!

    Hope you have a H&H9Ms!

    eliguns841984 responded:
    Congrats!!! STICKY STICKY STICKY vibes!
    terricody responded:
    well sarah i started to chart again to see if and when i was going to o after my m/c cycle and if you or most remember dh didn't want to be on a dtd timer so i basically let him have sex when he wanted to rather than saying okay lets get it on im oing i wanted to take out the stress as much as you can see we bd 2x during o time which is basically all i needed..

    also heard if you have a m/c or deliver a baby that you are still very much fertile and can get pg right away..

    any questions i be happy to answer
    terricody responded:
    yes gerry i know all you ladies was just waiting for me to test and we are due around the same time..hoping my little bean will stick this time

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