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    Includes Expert Content
    trying to conceive
    candy282 posted:
    I had some blood work done to check my FSH hormone level. It came back to be in range to where my doctor would expect if my ovaries are still working properly. I got a in-home kit for my boyfriend to check his sperm count. After doing the test this morning it came back positive that is sperm count is where it should be. So, now that we have found this out does anyone have any other ideas to what could be going on to why we cannot conceive????
    David K Walmer, MD, PhD responded:
    There are many possibilities. It would be helpful to know your age, how long you have been trying, if you have regular predictable menstrual cycles, if you have had an HSG to evaluate tubal patency and if you or your partner have any medical history that might influence fertility. The initial workup attempts to ask a few simple questions such as 1. Are there sperm? 2. Are their eggs? 3. Can they find each other? 4. Is the uterus a good place for a baby to be? There are a variety of ways of addressing each of these questions. A formal semen analysis by an andrologist would be more informative than the home testing kit. An FSH alone is a relatively insensitive way evaluating the second question. It may be reasonable to have a hysterosalpingogram to evaluate the uterus and fallopian tubes. A good starting place may be to sit down with your doctor and talk about his//her approach to these four questions given what he/she knows about you. Good luck!
    candy282 replied to David K Walmer, MD, PhD's response:
    I am 30. We have been trying for almost a year now. I was on the depo shot for about 10 years after having my daughter. Came off of it almost year ago when we strated trying to have a baby. Yes, I do have predictable mestrual cycles. I have not had an HSG to evaluate tubal patency and I cannot think of any medical history that might influence fertility. They are on a 26 day cycle. I thought maybe I was pregnant because I was 4 days late and I am never late. But on the fourth day I started and I was very disappointed. So, we will have to go to the doctors and find out the answers to the questions you have gave. Thank you very much for the information that you gave. Thank you.
    butterflys97 replied to David K Walmer, MD, PhD's response:
    Hi Dr. Walmer,

    I have seen your responses and they are very informative. You really take the time to try to give advise to the best of your ability

    A brief history I am 34 soon to be 35.I have had 3 successful full term pregnancies. In 2003 I had a tubal ligation. To my despair in 2004 I lost my husband and one of my children in a horrific car accident. I know I will never replace my son but I met someone new( he has no children) and would like another baby in my son's honor. In 2009 I had a tubal reversal. In 2011 I had an etopic which resulted with my right tube being removed. My remaining tube is healthy and functioning (HSG) was done. I have been able to get pregnant but in the last year and half I have had 4 early miscarriages ending between 5-7 weeks gestation. My last pregnancy which ended in May, I was put on progesterone with no success .I recently did a work up (July & August) everything is normal with the exception that I tested positive for Lupus Anticougulant. I was told to take folic acid, baby aspirin and Lovenox I was also prescribed Clomid. Why is this happening to me. Did the tubal ligation & reversal change the chemistry in my body. What are my chances, I only have one tube I am on treatment now is my prognosis good since I have been able to bare children. I can not afford IVF. Please help me any advised welcomed. God Bless

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