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    Unexplained and Frustrated!!
    melbank posted:
    HI I am 32 and my husband is 33. We have been together 15 years and are trying to have a baby. We started this journey 3 years ago. We have both had testing done. I had a hsg (dye) test and that came back fine and also all my labs done (multi times) are fine (FSH, Estrogen, D3, etc). I also had to test to show that I have a good amount of eggs left too( AMH?). His sperm count was more than good. We have taken both clomid and femara and have done 7 IUI's. Nothing has worked!! We had a pregnancy 13 years ago so we know we can get pregnant. Is there anything we can do naturally to help us? We are taking a break from all this right now to just try to relax some. I have gone back on the pill for this time but plan to come off by October. I was thinking of doing temping when we start again but I don't know what else do it. Just so angry and frustrated!!! Any thoughts or advice would be GREAT!!
    melbank responded:
    I guess no one has any advice for me! I just feel so lost. If we had something 'wrong' I would understand our troubles.
    brandib01 replied to melbank's response:
    im sorry for your troubles i just recently started getting on the boards again.
    i know where youa re coming from and there is another discussion on here titles sigh that i responded to about trying some natural ways to gimprove your chances.
    also if you go to a vitamin shoppe like GNC they carry a fertility blend for men and women. which i figure what does it hurt to take another vitamin. getting on BCP's is good because like in my case it did help jump start my system and i did get pg naturally after stopping but they did not take.
    are yall seeing a reproductive endocronolgist or just your reguler ob?
    we did 7 rounds of clomid and 4 IUI's which none took. i got pg while on lupron for my endo which is generally not suggested ecause it is considerd a form of chemo but i have heard and read they they are now starting to see its benefits in reproductive medicine.
    it took us 7 years of actively trying before having my little nugget.
    we were the same way we knew i could get pg but to keep it was another issue.
    please feel free to give me a shout
    melbank replied to brandib01's response:
    Thank you!! I see both an RE and an OB. I really don't think I will be going back to the RE. I just feel that after a year of Femara and high doses with IUI and no luck what is the point. We don't have the funds for injections and I will NOT do IVF. So we are on our own. I don't want to take more than I should with vitamins and I know my hubby will not take anything. I am hoping to start slow again and not have all the pressure of when and what time and where. lol Just want to take it easy.
    brandib01 replied to melbank's response:
    completely understand that. we were at that point too and were actually looking in to adoption agencies when we found out we were pg. its hard to have that much pressure on yourself. it seems to affect every aspect of your life.
    i mean i was ovulation testing while at work on my lunch break lol. it seems crazy now but making my little nugget was all i could ever think about.

    taking a break never hurts and like i said if you just do the little things while you're not "actively" trying like cutting back on sugar and staying healthy you never know.

    you should try loking into clinical trials in your area for unexplained infertiltity . i had friends who did that and it was for a shock patch(sounds worse than it was) that was to help stimulate ovualtion and got pg first round.
    melbank replied to brandib01's response:
    I will have to see if there is anything around here like that. I think about it all the time and just want it so bad. Sick of watching everybody around me get it and I am still sitting on the sidelines. I am very fit and eat healthy (we both do). Don't drink much and don't smoke.

    We have talked to an adoption agency but didn't go thru with it for now. I guess one more month of the pill and we will start again. Just hate hate hate the pressure it brings to everything. But it will be well worth it.

    Thank you for all your advice!!.
    brandib01 replied to melbank's response:
    it is most definately worth it. i was to my breaking point definately and now i can't imagine my life without my little nugget. even on his worst days i feel empathy for his pain and sadness instead of anger,.
    me and the other ttc girls and endo girls just believe that we go through the hardship we go through to make us the best parents fopr any kids we have because we appreciate it that much more than no other person could understand. we are more compassionate and loving.
    magnoliameg responded:
    I totally know where you are coming from, it is SO frustrating! We were TTC for almost 3 years and the Dr.'s kept telling us that they didn't know why. My tests were normal, his count was great, we don't smoke or drink, we live a healthy lifestyle. Then about a year ago I switched to a different OB and on the first visit he diagnosed me with PCOS. I guess I'm not the textbook PCOS patient. I luckily don't have a lot of the symptoms on the outside. We have now been on clomid & doing IUI's for the last year. We are going to take a break as well in September and start again in January. Have you looked into getting a fresh perspective from a different Dr?
    melbank replied to magnoliameg's response:
    We have used 3 different Dr's!! I just don't know what else to do. After 7 IUI's I don't think that is going to work for us. I know mentally I could not go thru IVF with a no at the end. So we are going to hope we can make it on our own. Kinda have a plan and kinda don't lol. Don't want to make it a chore again. We ruined our sex life with all the injections and appts. I will not do it again!! We were planning on coming off the break in about a month but it might be another month. Just have to find a middle ground I guess. I wish everybody the best off luck!!

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