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    Starting Follistim - HELP!
    Amanda8109 posted:
    Hey there! I am anxiously awaiting our phone call from the fertility pharmacy on our pricing after insurance coverage for Follistim, Ovidrel, and Antigon. The price at cost was super discouraging when I spoke to my rep on Friday.

    Can anyone give me some ballpark figures of your out of pocket costs if you had coverage during this cycle? I am getting really nervous and praying we can do it!
    Hypnautica responded:
    Like everything else it just depends on where you live and where you are getting your meds from. I had to get alot of meds for my ivf cycle. Of course my pharmacy sent it all to me at once. I have micro-lupron(shot form), follistim(shot form), novarel(shot form), tetracycline(pills),prometrium(pills), and climara (patches). Before our insurance it was $6,000 and our cost was $2,901. It is so crazy how much they charge for these meds and also very sad. Anyway good luck and keep us posted on how everything turns out.
    brookelovettc responded:
    Good luck to you! Our insurance doesn't cover even 1 penny so it was all out of pocket for us. It was around 5,000 for meds in total.
    Me(29) DH(29) TTC since 2008. No prev PG. Started seeing RE May 2010 and IF testing. DH=mild MFIF. Me= low AMH, endometriomas on both ovaries. 3C w/Clmd=BFN. AFC=few on R. IVF/ICSI ER=Feb 2011. FX
    beckyatmoms responded:
    I am very lucky that my insurance covers a lot of my meds. My total for each cycle was $100. Hopefully you will have the same luck :)
    Becky (34) DH (30) TTC for over 2 1/2 years. MFIF DS(11) DD(4) IVF1 3/10 BFN IVF2 2/11
    jdfan14 replied to beckyatmoms's response:
    If you have to pay out of pocket I know there are programs and other websites you can look into for ordering you medicines vs pharamacies. I know one program is called Compassinate care and for the websites I apologize I dont know them I have just heard about them, maybe someone on this board has used one of them or you can search the internet. Some sound good and reliable, I just have not had to use b/c lucky we have insurance to cover meds. However, I think they are really worth searching into just takes a bit of research. Good luck to you.
    Me 33 PCOS, DH 36 low motility 1st IVF hoping spring 2011
    jbird823 responded:
    It really depends on your coverage. We didn't think our insurance would cover the medications because they did not cover the treatment however, they did and we just had our copay. We had two options-Caremark and Medco. Caremark quoted our copay to be $1,100 for the follistim, menopur, lupron and progersterone IM. Medco (Acreedo speciality pharmacy) quoted us a $260 copay so that's all we paid for IVF meds. When we started FET, they again covered the Lupron and injectible estrogen but said we only had that coverage through the end of 2010.
    If we start anything this year, we have no coverage :(
    Hypnautica replied to jbird823's response:
    Ours is through CareMark as well and they are a rip off. I hope I do not need another cycle and this will be our one and only cycle but if we do we will be going through Success Meds. Thats who our RE uses and they swear they are the cheapest but havent looked into their prices yet so I dont know if they really are alot cheaper or not.
    mosleyd36 responded:
    My insurance only cover Lupron. With the Lupron, PIO, and 150u of Follistim and Repronex for 11 days, the total was about $2000. We went through Walgreen's Specialty pharmacy and they were great and the prices were good. Good luck!
    Danielle (29) DH (31)...TTC since July '08. MFIF-low morph, low count. IVF/ICSI 1 Aug/Sep '10...BFN. IVF/ICSI 2...probably not for a while.
    Amanda8109 replied to mosleyd36's response:
    Thanks everyone! My insurance actually covers fertility drugs as long as there is no procedure (IUI, IVF) and I am hoping the copay is atleast under 800 or 900! I am keeping my fingers crossed! I already know the Ovidrel is $55 and we are waiting to hear if the Follistim and Antigon are being approved!
    Amanda8109 replied to beckyatmoms's response:
    Was that your cost for the Follistim or all??
    jbird823 replied to Amanda8109's response:
    My copay was $65 for the follistim. It's unbelievable how much those medications actually cost! Not looking for FET and having to pay completely out of pocket for the meds
    AprilCB replied to Amanda8109's response:
    Did I read this right? Your insurance pays for you to get the drugs but not if you have treatment? That is just messed up. I can understand paying for meds but not treatment, but to pay for meds and then say you can't have treatment? What's the point?
    Cherie (36), DH (37), TTC 5 yrs. 1st IUI 11/09, 2nd IUI 1/10, 3rd IUI 2/10 all BFN. 1st IVF ER 6/6/10 ET 6/11/10 BFN. FET 9/28/10, BFP, MC'd 10/25/10
    Amanda8109 replied to AprilCB's response:
    My thoughts exactly! So if you need to do in IVF or IUI you are totally on your own with meds and everything! I am just glad we are not looking at that as a need right now! :)
    frankfortkate responded:
    I pay completely out of pocket for meds as well. My Menopur for this cycle was $1,200. My RE's office actually called around for the best price. I use Walgreen's pharmacy for the Menopur only and my RE's office also enrolled me in the discount program. Pretty nice of my office, I think.

    Now, I am waiting to hear what the Follistim and micro dose Lupron will cost me....
    Kate(31), DH (31), 2 furbabies (Buster and TC), TTC 2 1/2 years, endo,IVF1 7/10 BFN, IVF2 11/10 BFN. Start IVF3 1/11. No go on IVF 3. Waiting until March for next try
    Amanda8109 replied to frankfortkate's response:
    So ladies...I got word about my insurance coverage and I could not be happier! For Follistim (600 IU) we only have to cover $100! I couldn't believe it! Our total to start our first round of injections is only $300! We also are going to have to pay for US monitoring but it is not what I had expected! Just wanted to share the good news!

    Baby Dust to you all!!!

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