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    Abdominal pain after IUI
    An_191454 posted:
    I have been in alot of pain following the IUI I had this morning. I feel moderate to severe pain in my abdomen. It hurts to the touch and if I move a certain way. It does not feel like menstral cramps. I have taken motrin but with no relief. I was in tears this afternoon due to the pain. Has this ever happened to anyone?
    aprilcb responded:
    Did you do a stim cycle, particularly injectiable stims? If so, it could be from that. You could also be suffering from over stimulation, which can be very serious. You should call your nurse if it's that bad. Please do so right away. Better save than sorry.
    Cherie (36), DH (38), TTC 5 yrs. 3 IUIs all BFN. 1st IVF ER 6/6/10 ET 6/11/10 BFN. FET 9/28/10, BFP, MC'd 10/25/10. 2nd IVF ER 2/8/11 ET 2/11/11 1st beta = 140 2nd = 384 1st US 3/15/11
    codysu responded:
    I hope you are feeling better. Did you call the doctor? I had mild cramping after my first IUI last month, mostly because the NP scraped my cervix by accident. Your pain sounds more serious. I hope you are ok, please keep us posted.
    Cody (37) DH (45), IVF 1 11/10, M/C 12/10, IUI 2/11-BFN, IUI planned for 3/11.
    egrieco responded:
    I just had an IUI today. I have slight pain. It is much better than my last IUI. The pain was so bad. I couldn't walk or move. I definitely over stimulated last time but never called the dr. My RE today told me to drink a lot of Gatorade/coconut water/ Pedialyte- anything with electrolytes. Last time I drank a lot of water and he said that I was better off not drinking anything than drinking water. He wants me drinking 100 oz of those drinks. He also emphasized that if my pants started feeling tight or if I had a lot of pain I needed to call him immediately. Over stimultion can be serious.
    Hope this helps!
    michly replied to codysu's response:
    The pain started getting better by the next morning. I did end up calling the doc office. They didn't seem too concerned and told me to take a motrin. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping this cycle is "the one", because I really don't want to go through that again! Thanks for your concern!
    michly replied to aprilcb's response:
    I did do injectiable stims. I started feeling better the next morning. I'm still a little concerned of why I had the pain. I will be going in to talk to the doc soon, I'll ask her then. Thanks!
    michly replied to egrieco's response:
    egrieco replied to michly's response:
    I sure hope this will be it for us!
    Best of luck
    I also did acupuncture this cycle. Think that helped as well. I recommend that too.
    Joshi responded:
    I did an IUI around 6 days back - 2 Cycles in 2 days. Ever since, I am having pain in the lower left abdomen. I talked with the Doctor and she advised me to take pain killer Drotin DS - twice a day.

    THe pain is however not going. Can anybody help?

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