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    Injections FOLLISTIM and MENOPUR side effects?
    nordygirl33 posted:
    Hi ladies,
    I just started last night my injections for these two medicine's. Being this is my 1st time how did you feel on this? Did you have any side effects? Was there any success stories with this medicine?

    My Dr. will also be giving me the Ovidrel and doing an IUI. We will try this for 2 cycles and if no luck move on to the IVF.

    Thank you:)
    Bamahome responded:
    Hi! I did a round of Menopur & Bravelle. I honestly did not have any side effects as far as feeling sick. I found the injections to be so much easier than Clomid. Clomid always made me depressed. Towards the end of my 10 days, my tummy was very bloated. In fact, I couldn't wear any of my pants. I think your ovaries just get enlarged. Good luck!
    nordygirl33 replied to Bamahome's response:
    Thank you:) I have allot of small resting follicles my Dr. said today and they are playing around with the dose, so that there aren't too many mature ones. The Dr. would like to see 3 good size ones, but if not then they will cancel the IUI if this happens. It is to be expected I guess b/c this is my 1st round of Injections. Yesterday I started another shot to help me not ovulate early. Hoping this works, but if not I will get one more shot at the Injectables.
    Bamahome replied to nordygirl33's response:
    Hi there! Just wanted to check in to see how things were progressing. I hope you got to/or are getting to do your IUI!
    nordygirl33 replied to Bamahome's response:
    Hi Thanks for checking in. Everything is good. I went to the Dr. yesterday and they said I have 5 nice size follicles, so we did the trigger shot last night and now tomorrow morning they will do the IUI. My fingers are crossed that this works, but don't want to get excited until there is reason to you know?
    How are things with you?
    nicram8683 replied to nordygirl33's response:
    I am so happy for you. I am glad you had so many good follicles. Sending baby dust your way tomorrow morning!
    Bamahome replied to nordygirl33's response:
    Oh yay! That is great news. I hope your IUI went very smoothly. Two of mine were painful & two were such a breeze. I think it depends on when it is done in your cycle. How are you feeling? Now to the 2WW. I know it is hard ot let yourself get excited but, this is Very exciting!! 5 follicles is a fabulous response.

    We are doing good. I still have about 3 more weeks until I start stims again. I am taking metformin now, will start ganirelix shots & an estrogen patch 10 days after my surge so, waiting on my surge this weekend hopefully. I just hope I get my chance to try this cycle. We shall see.
    codysu replied to nordygirl33's response:
    Wow that is great! You have every reason to be excited, that is a great response! I hope the IUI goes well tomorrow and the 2ww goes by quickly for you!
    Cody (38 ) DH (45), IVF w ICSI AH 11/10, M/C 12/10, 4 IUI's-all BFN, IVF w ICSI AH Nov-11
    nordygirl33 replied to nicram8683's response:
    Thank you so much. I am sending you big cyber hugs. Please keep your chin up and know you are not alone. I am always here to talk k

    nordygirl33 replied to Bamahome's response:
    Thank you for checking in on me. The IUI went good, but I was in allot of pain all day yesterday. The other 2 IUI's never hurt, so got a little scared when the cramping came on. My Dr. did say this could happen, but I just assumed that it wouldn't. My Dr told us to baby dance that night too, so you can imagine how I felt after haha. Today I feel better and just hoping this wait goes fast. If AF isn't here by 10/3 I will go for a test.

    I really hope you get to try also:) It is amazing what we will do to have a little one. My friends all are in shock that I had to do shots and didn't just keep trying on my own. The thing is why keep putting ourselves through that if we can just go and seek help. I am happy to have you ladies b/c I don't think they take this serious. They are all pregnant or have babies, so why should they understand. No one asked how my IUI went. I had to text them to explain everything.

    nordygirl33 replied to codysu's response:
    Thank you so much. The IUI went good, but was in pain:( Today I feel much better and just hope this 2WW flys by.
    How are you doing?
    Mangos17 replied to Bamahome's response:
    Are these a series of 5 injections? I think this is what my DR wants me to do. I'm glad to hear that it made you less depressed then Clomid.
    Bamahome replied to Mangos17's response:
    Hi there. Yes, I will do the ganirelix shots for 5 days in addition to an estrogen patch (instead of BCP). I got my surge yesterday & will start them 10 days post-surge. Then, I will start stims on Day 3 of my period.
    Bamahome replied to nordygirl33's response:
    It is scray to feel cramping. I hope that it has subsided for you. Are you taking progesterone?

    I honestly do not discuss any of this stuff with anyone unless I know that they have been through something similar. I am not sure why but it is infuriating to share with people & then not have them check in when they know something big (like an IUI) has happened. They really just don't get it. It's not their fault, but they don't get it. I actually have a good friend who would ask me all sorts of questions & I was always so vague. She wouldn't let up so I finally just said, "you know, this isn't my favorite subject so let's talk about something more upbeat." I think she finally go it & hasn't really asked me anything since. She sort of has a big mouth & I really like to be specific with who knows what about my business
    nordygirl33 replied to Bamahome's response:
    I am feeling much better today thank you:) No I am not taking progesterone. This week I go back for some more blood work to see how my levels are.

    I agree that it is hard to share this stuff with people who have never been through it. I think my best thing to do moving forward is just not discuss it with them all and speak with you girls and my husband.

    Seeing these BFP on the boards gives me hope.

    Wishing you lots of baby dust and hugs

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