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    Blocked fallopian tubes
    Mercerswife posted:
    Hey ladies, I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with blocked fallopian tubes? I had an HSG done last Thursday and the doc was not able to open my right side. He said they were both blocked but that the left was probably just a little mucus and he got it out. I am not sure what is next, he said he had to get the report to my OB which is closed on Fridays, so I'm waiting for the OB to call... I am devastated. I'm not sure what to expect next and I'm not sure if tricare will cover surgery to unblock the tube. I've been reading non stop on this and I know stressing over something that I cannot change is pointless but that's what I do. Anyone have any insight in this?
    Lacey-24 DH 25, TTC 1, 2 m/c Round4 Clomid
    att76 responded:
    Hey Lacey! Really sorry to hear about the blocked tube! Did the doctor who did the HSG give ANY options/advice? I know it seems like a horrible thing (and it is), but just try to not stress about it. I know that is easier said then done, but like you said you can't stress over something that you have no control over. Let me know what you find out from the OB. Sorry I can't give you more, but know that I am thinking about you!
    Me 36, DH 37, 3 rounds clomid (9/11, 10/11, 11/11), First round IUI 12/14/11--BFN, Second round IUI 1/10/12, 3rd round IUI 2/9-BFN, seeing RE March 21st
    Mercerswife replied to att76's response:
    Thanks hun. No the doc pretty much said wait for the OB to call you with the results. I of course cannot wait, so I called the OB a few mins ago and left a msg. They're always really busy so I'm hoping by me calling that they'll call me today but I'm not counting on it. *sigh*
    Lacey-24 DH 25, TTC 1, 2 m/c Round4 Clomid
    att76 replied to Mercerswife's response:
    Well good luck and let me know how it goes!
    Me 36, DH 37, 3 rounds clomid (9/11, 10/11, 11/11), First round IUI 12/14/11--BFN, Second round IUI 1/10/12, 3rd round IUI 2/9-BFN, seeing RE March 21st
    deliela999 responded:
    I don't have any experience with blocked tubes, but I wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you. I thought about you a few days ago when I realized you hadn't posed in a while. You now have one clear tube, so that means you still have a shot! I would think with one tube you should still be able to get pregnant, you just have to have a good follicle on that side. Good luck!!
    Fleischman responded:
    I have a friend who had blocked Tubes. They told her that they could clear them and that she could cycle right away but that the tubes could then become blocked again and the fluid could drip down and actually terminate any pregnancy that might form after the clearing of the tubes. They suggested cutting the tubes and then performing IVF. She delivered her TWIN boy/girl in December. She was pregnant RIGHT AWAY with her first shot at IVF right after she had her tubes cut. It was suggested to be the most successful healthy way at having baby!!!! Or TWO!.

    Its really hard to swallow im sure. But there are ways around everything anymore....CHIN UP!!!!!

    Me (29) DH (42) Married 2006
    IVF 1 - 10/07- BFP TWINS DS/DD, 32 weeks delivered. DD angel 18 days later.
    FT1 - 8/10- BFN
    IVF 2- 11/10- BFN
    IVF 3- 3/12 FINGERS CROSSED w/PDG DHEA and CoQ10
    Mercerswife replied to Fleischman's response:
    Thank you all for your encouraging and supportive words. It helps to hear it from women who know what this struggle to conceive is like.
    The doc couldn't tell me what the blockage was. It could be a number of things... Waiting til next week to talk to my OB is killing me! There are several surgeries I could have to fix it, depending on the problem. It just sucks to have half the chance as a normal woman and on cycle 6 of Clomid it's hard to be optimistic. I hope after I hear from my OB next week that I'll feel better once we have a plan laid out. I just don't want him to say, well lets try with half the chance for a few months before considering surgery to clear them. I haven't had a pos OPK yet (should've happened Mon or Tues) so I think this month is out and my hubby is gone for a month next month so I'll loose out on two cycles then. This process is taking so long and is draining... sigh...
    Lacey-24 DH 25, TTC 1, 2 m/c Round4 Clomid
    booklvr04 replied to Mercerswife's response:

    I would definitely wait to hear from your OB and get some clearer answers and direction. I had an HSG done at a radiology center and even though the tech wasn't allowed to say anything, I just sensed something was wrong, as I didn't even see the dye spill out, but I was not sure I was looking at the right thing on the monitor. My OB confirmed that my tubes were blocked and suggested I head straight to the RE. My RE wanted to do a repeat HSG that he performed himself. He was one tube flowed and the other stopped. After a little maneuvering, he was able to push open the other tube. That was done in February of 2009. I went on to have 4 negative IUI's, but got pregnant on my own in December of 2009.

    Obviously, I don't know your specific circumstance, but I just wanted to tell you not to give up hope. Medicine is wonderful and I do believe there are many options available to you. Many prayers...

    Emily - graduate
    susan1777 responded:
    Sorry to hear about your tubes, I too had one completely blocked tube...and sadly was connected to the stronger of my 2 ovaries. I was told the same thing that Fleischman told you...that they can unblock the tube surgically, but the tube can become blocked again quickly. Best bet was IVF since I hardly ovulated from the ovary w/ the good tube. They discovered that I had the bad fluid also leaking from that blocked tube, the fluid is called hydrosalphinx, and if we didn't cut off my tube, that when we put the embryos back in, that fluid would probably kill we disconnected my left tube. Once that was done I had a successful IVF . Hope you get a resolution soon. ((HUG))
    Was on ITSG since May of 2004....due to PCOS, tubal, and male factor issues, 5 years of TTC, numerous surgeries, IUI's, and 3 IVF's later, our little girl, Shelby Faith, was born on 5/29/09.
    Mercerswife replied to susan1777's response:
    Thank you Emily and Susan. Unfortunately being a military spouse they won't help with cost of IUI or IVF so it's completely out of pocket and since I don't work we can't afford to do it. I'm really hoping to hear from the OB Monday and to have a laparascopy done to fix the problem. After 4yrs of ttc, this is getting really stressful and draining. With my hubby scheduled to deploy soon, I'm really scared it won't happen before he goes and then I'm stuck waiting ANOTHER year... sigh... I am so glad to have other women who understand what it's like to go through this. I'm really sick of hearing "just give it time it will happen" or "stop trying and it'll happen" I'm pretty sure if I stop having sex it won't happen... lol.
    thanks for all your encouraging words ladies! Hugs to you all!
    Lacey-24 DH 25, TTC 1, 2 m/c Round4 Clomid
    Mercerswife replied to deliela999's response:
    Thank you Deliela, I am trying to remain optimistic but knowing I only have 1/2 the chance is hard... And this OB doesn't do reg checkups on follicles or bw so I am left waiting, wondering... story of our lives huh?
    Lacey-24 DH 25, TTC 1, 2 m/c Round4 Clomid
    Mercerswife replied to att76's response:
    Thanks hun. I'll keep ya posted.
    Lacey-24 DH 25, TTC 1, 2 m/c Round4 Clomid
    Mercerswife responded:
    I forgot to mention today is CD15 and I got a BFP OPK this morning! I had mild pains in both sides of ovaries last night and slightly this morning, so I'm very excited. I just wonder if I'm O'ing on the left side or the rt side which is blocked. Idk if I'd get a pos OPK if I O'd on the rt side... Kinda confusing myself so I hope I'm not confusing anyone else. lol. Anyhow, I also hope I didn't miss O, I've read sometimes OPK's can detect after you've O'd. Kinda worried that I didn't get a pos opk sooner as they upped my dsg of Clomid to enduce ovulation on cd14 and shorten my lp to 28days.
    Lacey-24 DH 25, TTC 1, 2 m/c Round4 Clomid
    jossanasmomma responded:

    I'm so sorry you are stressing right now. I know the feeling. I had an HSG 6 years ago and was told that my right tube was blocked as well, only to find out just this last December that sometimes the procedure itself causes the tubes to appear closed! Both mine are actually open, but we have male factor so I have to do IVF anyway. What happens is that if the doctor doesn't use a very flexible catheter or the right size speculum, your tubes can become spastic from the stress of the procedure. An RE should do the test and have the right equipment. My first one was done at a radiology center.

    Good luck, I hope this helps!!!!!

    newmancody responded:
    There is hope for a blocked tube I have been ttc for 5 yrs and 2 HSG's later my right tube is blocked and 7 yrs ago had a tubal pergnancy in L. I found the right doc and have blocked the R tube with the adiana procedure to prevent fluid from filling my uterus. and I am now on wk 1 of my IVF cycle with egg retriaval May 17.

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