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    24, IUI/IVF, need some advise.
    gabzi posted:
    I am 24 and my husband and I have been TTC for 4 years. Recently found out that my AMH is .41 and my follicle count is between 3-5 a month on the only ovary that I have. Doc says my Uterus looked fine so thats a plus. I have done clomid w/trigger shots several times and I do not respond to clomid. My husbands testing all fine. I am faced with deciding between attempting IUI w/gonadotropin injectables which will cost us around $3,500 a month and hoping I respond to it or IVF which is much more costly. My dilemma is that we can only afford to try so many things so many times. I really have to pick the right one. Recently started on metformin because I am also insulin resistant. Anyone been through IUI and IVF can provide some advise as to what kind of information I should be considering in making my decision. Also if we do IVF our doc has a 100% money gaurantee and you pay for 3 tries at a discount, does it make chances more likely trying one month after the other or doe sit matter?
    rosecam responded:
    Hi Gabzi,

    I did 4 fresh IVF cycles and 2 frozen embryo transfers to conceive my baby. IUI has a much lower success probability than IVF, so even though it's less expensive, it could end up costing more in total if you do that first and it doesn't work. I would ask the doctor what he thinks the chances of success are for you with an IUI, and what he thinks the chances of success are for you with an IVF. We did that, and the chances were so much higher for IVF that we thought it was worth it.

    In terms of doing cycles back to back, I don't know. But I think that it might actually help to leave one month between cycles for your body to recover. I don't know what the research says on that issue. Also, if you get extra embryos from your cycle, you would probably want to do frozen embryo transfer cycles first, before doing another fresh IVF cycle. Does the 3 tries allow you to take a one month break in between if you want to? Do you get to decide how many embryos you transfer each cycle, or are you comfortable with letting your doctor decide? These are a few things to think about.

    Good luck!
    Rose (31), DH (31). TTC 2 years. IVF 12/09, FET 2/10, IVF 4/10, IVF w/ ICSI 5/10 - all neg. New RE IVF w/ ICSI, AH and PGS 8/10 - chemical. FET 11/10.
    nycaligrl1 responded:

    Hi and welcome. I've been through both IUI & IVF. We did 9 rounds of IUI (simply because our ins at the time didn't cover IVF at all and there was no way we could afford it out of pocket) I did 3 of the 9 with clomid and never responded very well. The remaining 6 rounds we did with injectibles. I responded great with the injectibles, but unfortunatly, never became pregnant. I however, only have 1 tube due to a ruptured ectopic.

    We were finally able to switch our insurance and move on to IVF. We just did our first IVF in July of this yr and unfortunatly again it was a negative.

    We just did a FET (frozen embryo transfer) and I just found out to today it is positive.

    Sorry this is so long, but basically what I'm trying to say is you have to choose which one your heart feels is the right decision for you. IUI is definitley less invasive, but neither one is a guarantee. I know of people who have gotten pregnant on their very first IUI attempt, so follow your heart.

    Also that is really cool that your doctor provides a 100% guarantee & a discount. Is the 3 tries for all fresh cycles or does it include a frozen cycle, and freezing of embryos?

    Good Luck with your decision & your journey

    Me (31) DH (37) TTC 1 for 9 years
    Ectopic with Rt tube loss 2003
    MC @ 6 weeks 2005
    9 IUI's - 6 clomid,3 stim all BFN
    Took a 4 yr Mental break
    IVF 1 June/July 2012 BFN :(
    FET 1 Aug 2012 Beta1=
    deliela999 responded:
    I didn't do IUI or IVF, but I did the injecables. I'll encourage you to shop around. My RE gave me a list of pharmacies and suggested I check prices with all of them. For the mix of meds I had the costs ranged from about $500 to over $2500! I was shocked and it pushed me to keep checking more pharmacies to make sure I got the best price. It made a huge difference for us and I ended up spending right at $1000 for the meds and monitoring total. That made it much easier for us to manage. I got pregnant on our first round with injectables and my OB said the gonadotropin injections was the heavy hitter that did it. Good luck!
    gabzi replied to rosecam's response:
    Thanks for the advise. My doctor did say that he felt that IVF is our best option with all of my issues but that IUI w/injectables was worth a try if I wanted to. The deal for IVF is for 3 fresh cycles. Doing frozen embryo transfer in between makes sense. I guess when I run out of money I just move to a state where IVF insurance coverage is required. . Thanks fo replying you have given me some things to think about.
    gabzi replied to nycaligrl1's response:
    Thanks for your reply and congrats. The IVF deal is for 3 fresh cycles, seperate charges for frozen. My heart is conflicted right now but I do have two months to decide, he wants me to take the metformin for a while. I guess it might be worth a try to see if I respond to the injectables with IUI. Thanks again.
    KL0124 responded:
    Gabzi, Welcome to the board. It is a tough decision. The ladies posting above have given you good advice. In my experience, we did several months of clomid, and then IUIs with clomid, and moved on to IUIs with femara, and then went to IVF. We weren't ready to take the plunge to IVF thinking that each of our tests were technically within normal and we could do it without going further into ART. It was a lot of money, stress and heartbreak. When we switched REs, our new one tested AMH and found out at 30 that I have 40 year old ovaries, was starting early menopause, and had a very low reserve. I got pg with twins our first IVF cycle with a low response of 8 eggs. With a low AMH, I would follow the advice of your RE and go straight to IVF. What we were told, and looked up on our own, is that your chances of success go down after 3 fresh IVF cycles. Good luck making the decision that is right for you. Kris
    Kris (30) DH (32) DD (4) 7 angels
    10 total rounds of clomid, 2 of femara, and too many days of progesterone to count, 3 IUIs, IVF1 Twins!
    gabzi replied to KL0124's response:
    I actually just changed docs myself and fell into the same situation. He ran tests that I didn't even know I needed. I was young and trusted my first one and they strung me along with a lot of empty promises happily taking my money. It's amazing what a difference there can be in care. I looked up a chart on my AMH and mine was extremely low even for a 40 year old. One thing I didn't ask was how long I have to do this but all the research I have done indicates I need to do this fast. I am far too young for this but I am thankful that I met my husband young enough that there is still time to try. I think part of me is afraid to skip IUI and go to IVF, what if it doesn;t work, that's it. Thanks so much for sharing, our situations sound very similar. Congrats in your twins.

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