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    Abnormal Sperm Morphology
    jestbv posted:
    Hi all:

    I'm new to the board and have been TTC for 15 mos. My DH and I went through all the tests and were devastated to find that DH has abnormal sperm morphology. He only has 4% normal and we are very concerned. We are hoping to go straight to IVF, which the doctor also suggested as our best option for having the healthiest baby since we're unsure what the defect is with DH's sperm.

    Has anyone tried IUI with this diagnosis?

    Also, how do you deal with your friends and their dumb comments during this time? All my friends are mothers and I don't care to have them give me advice. None of them had ferility issues and I feel that I have no one to talk to who actually understands. Very emotional time for both me and DH.
    bridgie24 responded:
    Hi there! My DH's morphology is about the same, around 4% and we went straight to IVF/ICSI. I also have endometriosis so we're dealing with issues on both sides. Our RE recommended we go straight to IVF because of low count, low motility, and the low morphology. I was fine with this suggestion, it makes sense. Why waste time and money with IUI's when you know it most likely won't work?

    As far as talking to friends and family, it's hard. When I first told my close friends/family about what we were going through, I explained everything in detail so they understood the extent of what we were dealing with. This doesn't mean they'll totally understand or not say dumb things occasionally, but when you do come across an insensitive comment, you just have to realize that they have no idea what its like to be in your shoes and leave it at that. I've gotten so upset at some of the things people have said to me, but I've learned not to care! At the end of the day, you have your DH and us here on this board to vent to, who truly know how you feel

    IF is extremely emotional! Every couple deals with it differently, but I feel its important to be open with each other about your emotions. You two are really the only ones truly feeling the pain of your diagnosis, but at least you have each other to go through this with. I have never cried so much in my life as I have these last few months. From beginning our first IVF to finding out it didn't work, its been so emotional and my DH has been there to just let me cry and be sad with me. On days when you feel like crap and need to vent, we're here too, we understand, unfortunately! But think of it this way, after trying for so long, you finally have some answers and now have a really great chance at becoming pg. Its hard at first to come to terms with the fact that you won't conceive the way you've always dreamed or in the time frame you'd like, but you have the best chances now with IVF!

    Best of luck to you!

    ilovelabs747474 responded:
    We found sucess with iui, on our fifth try, and my DH's morph came back at 4% once. In hindsight, we should have tried IVF after the first three iui's failed (insurance would have covered it too), but I wanted to keep trying til the 6th one failed. Luckily things worked out.

    How many SA's has he had? My DH had three, and one of them came back at 4%, while the others were 25% and 10%. So, it can change. Also, what is his count? My DH has a super high count, so the urologist he saw told him that even if his morph is low, his high count means that he has a lot of good sperm as well.

    In my research, I have found that most miscarriages are a result of some defect in the egg, not the sperm, since it takes a normal healthy sperm to fertilize an egg. So, if you get preggo, it will most likely be from one of your DH's good sperms.

    As for people saying dumb things, I took it upon myself to educate people on IF rather than let their comments get to me. I think people have a lot of misconceptions, and their comments come from ignorance. My friends and family never brought it up unless I did, and if I heard a "just relax and it will happen," I would calmly explain how that wasn't the way we would conceive. It was hard, but it got better after a while.

    Hope you find success soon!
    Sam04Katie06 responded:
    I can't answer the morphology question, DH is fine, I'm the one with "issues" (PCOS). But when it comes to your friends I would highly suggest it, you'll need all the support you can get for your journey with IF. You may be surprised at some of the reactions you will get telling your frinds, and perhaps even some of these women you think had no issues getting pg, may have actually had problems they never talked about before. Although I knew one of my friends had problems with m/c and had adopted 2 kids when I told my friends I discovered one who did IVF for both of her kids, 3 who did clomid to get pg, 2 more with m/c issues, and one who did clomid for #1 but had to do IVF for #2. Even those friends who have never been there can give you some friends without issues will ask me if I am okay with them talking about their babies or pregnancies in front of me, they will ask how the TTC is going and what our next step is, and always wish me luck that it happens soon for me. If they are really good friends, they will find a way to support you (not that you won't occasionally get an annoying/stupid comment) but if they say something you don't like, tell them (nicely) and educate them on what you are going through, they usually say stupid thens like "relax" out of ignorance not malice. Good Luck !!

    jestbv responded:
    Wow, it is so nice to see so many replies! Thank you so much for responding.

    DH has had two SA's, but the first one was done through a lab and didn't test for morphology. Both came back with very high counts, very good motility. The day we found out about the morphology I thought he'd just collapse in the office. We both thought it was me. Once he got over the shock he was great - very decisive, very "What's next?" I think they're going to test him again in another month.

    The doc agrees that ICSI/IVF is best for us and I start first cycle on April 22nd or thereabouts. I'm prepared (logically) for the fact that it may not take at first, but I don't know how I'll really hande it if it doesn't. I have never been such an emotional wreck! I didn't really vocalize my problems getting pg over the past 15+ mos and now that we know the issue it is hard to swallow some comments. I guess I'll learn as I go along!! I am happy that we know now...!! No more ovulation predictor kits!!!

    kb22020 responded:
    I'll share my experience. Morphology is a tricky one because they don't know anything about it really. I done amazing research and after 13 months of TTC, we found an amazing accupuncturist who is from China and works with herbs and is the only health professional we've met who has experience curing this issue. He has taken men with 0 normal sperm like my husband and has gotten them to 70% within 3 months. I highly recommend it. We are in our 1st 3 weeks.
    Harihara responded:
    hi kb - Can you please share the contact details of this acupunturist? Thanks for your help in this regard.
    bogroff3 responded:
    Hi! I'm also new here and have never actually blogged like this before... I don't know what DH and TTC stand for, but here's my story in plain english. I am 29 years old and my husband and I have been trying to have our second child now for a little over a year. We have a very healthy 4 year old son who was a very early surprise, right after we were newly weds. Since the first pregnancy was completely free of worry or effort, we assumed for 3 years, that as soon as we decided to try again we would get pregnant right away. Well, we were wrong. And in the last 6 months I have had 2 miscarriages under 10 weeks. I have done a lot of reading up on what might be the cause, and one thing I might have figured out about myself is that I fit the description for having low progesterone. I will find out in a couple of weeks after I get tested. In the mean time, though, my husband has had 2 SA done and the results were not what we were hoping for. His count is really really high, so that's good, but on both the morphology was only 6 and 7% normal, and on the first his motility was rather low, but on the second it was at 60%. So... I've been trying to figure out if an abnormal sperm (morphology) can fertilize and egg and then cause a miscarriage. I think I got my answer from one of the bloggers on here, but I would love to know if anyone else has any ideas! It makes sense to me that only healthy sperm can fertilize, but on the other hand, maybe abnormal one could reach the egg too and cause a failed pregnancy. It's really hard to deal with, as you all know, and I don't always trust MDs. They all seem to always want to jump right into invetro or something else that extreme. Thanks for listening and I appreciate any feedback! Btw - about what to tell people - I just tell them the truth. Then they either shy away and are sorry they asked, or they are very helpful and supportive. I've actually been surprised at how many people I've opened up to who have gone through or know someone who has gone through what we're all going through!!!

    In God's time, KB
    erika217 responded:
    hi, I noticed that you posted this on march 30. and I was wondering how it went for you, because my husband has the same problem and doctors say they can't do anything for us unless he has some normal morphology. can you please let me know how it went for you and give the information of the accupuncturist you are dealing with. I would really appreciate it. thank you.
    wishing42 responded:
    Has anyone else tried accupuncture for abnormal morphology? Anyone have any luck? TTC for 18 months, husband has had 2 SA, one low number and motility, the second normal number and motility, but 0% morphology.
    wishing42 responded:
    We went through 1 IUI, still don't know if successful yet. 1-2 more weeks.
    kbean920 responded:
    My husband and I have been TTC for about 18 months. We've had numerous tests done; Hormone tests, an HSG and two sperm analysis. We found out that my husband has an abnormal sperm morphology The first test said 9% the second 11%. Im frustrated and stressed. We have a consultation with Shady Grove in two weeks and I have no idea what is next. Has anyone here actually had success with concieving with a sperm morphology issue? Im just scared it will never happen.
    irishlil responded:
    What's IUI?
    aprilcb replied to irishlil's response:
    Intrauterine Insemination

    It's when a dr takes your partners semen and injects it directly into your cervix. It is timed to be done at time of ovulation
    Cherie (36), DH (37), TTC 5 yrs. 1st IUI 11/09, 2nd IUI 1/10, 3rd IUI 2/10 all BFN. 1st IVF ER 6/6/10 ET 6/11/10 BFN. FET 9/28/10, BFP, MC'd 10/25/10
    cd2011 replied to kb22020's response:
    Hi KB,
    Can you please share the contact details of the IF accupuncture specialist? Thank you for your help in this regard.

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