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    Does it sound like Lymphoma?
    nrf85 posted:
    Ok- so I am 24 and was having some abdominal pain and constipation that I thought may be related to my anxiety/panic disorder. I went to a gastro and had a CT of the abdomen and a colonoscopy and endo...(where they put a camera down your throat).

    Everything was normal except for some lymph nodes that were enlarged that showed up on a ct. The lymphs that were enlarged were 1cm or less in the abdomen.

    I have no symptoms of lymphoma but I did have a fever for about 24 hours a month ago (on Easter!!) and sometimes I get a little hot at night and sweat but it does not last the entire night and does not dampen my sheets. I don't know if that is just me being hot (which I normally always am or a "night sweat")

    I just don't know what to think- I've had all of these tests and no one has told me anything. The doctor said he doesn't think it is lymphoma but can not tell for sure. The lymphs are too small to biopsy.
    I also just had a chest ct but havn't heard back yet from the hematologist.
    I am so scared it is cancer. I just feel all alone in this- no one seems to be willing to give me any hope or information...

    Thank you for any information and God Bless
    karenrugs responded:
    I can understand how you feel about being scared and feeling alone. But don't give up hope. If you feel there's something terribly wrong, get a second opinion and a third.

    Maybe then you'll have the answers you're looking for. And I pray it's not cancer.

    I was having the same symptoms you were having; constipation and abdominal pain; so severe I had to go to a weekend clinic. I thought I was having an appendicitis attack.
    The doc told me to take a laxative and if that didn't help to go to the ER. I took the laxative. It did help. I'm not trying to make light of your pain and desparation, I just wanted to tell you how embarrased I was. I did find out that I was severely anemic.

    So please, get a second or third opinion.

    Take care,


    Janie704 responded:
    You know, if the worst happens and it is cancer, it's good that it's so small they can't seem to find it. Mine was everywhere and we only found it by accident. But there are so many things worse than cancer treatment, even when it's the most radical available. While it wasn't the most fun thing I've ever done, I found that people will come out of the woodwork to be kind and do the sweetest things for you. And there are also great things you can do to help other people when you're getting treatment. You won't be the only person who needs a friend or who is experiencing the same thing. It actually resulted in many changes for the better in my life--and the lives of my family and friends. Janie704
    sharpeimom4 replied to Janie704's response:
    There ARE so many things worse than cancer treatment.

    And I also have found so many gifts & blessings have come as a result of my "journey." It has been a learning experience for sure and I agree that none of us going through this has to go through it alone.

    My cancer is changing my life and me - for the better, I think.

    Janie, thanks for your comments. Wish I had found this group (community?) sooner but that's ok, I found you now!
    slmrrt replied to sharpeimom4's response:
    My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 NHL in his late 20's. we were not given much hope by the doctors, in fact they gave him 3-5 years to live. that was 19 years ago. over the years he has had different treatments, 9 years ago had a stem cell transplant. He has been healthy ever since. The doctors still won't give him a clean bill of health, but that's not who we look to for answers anymore. God has blessed our family in so many ways through it all. We have made lifelong friends who have helped us and others who we have been able to help. We have learned that every day is a gift from God and that blessings come in all sorts of packages. God bless you!
    laurn092 responded:
    While reading around on this, I found it all interesting of course with that being the type of person I am. However, when I read yours and you talked about anxiety/panic disorder, I stopped in my tracks. I have been dealing with what I think it anxiety/panic disorder for longer than I can remember. I also have alcerative colitis and I receive Remicade IV infusion (this has many risks as everything else. One being the risk of cancer). I've received these treatments for years now and the last one I received a month ago was the worst I have had yet. They think I am having some sort of reaction during treatment. Needless to say, I've been feeling like I'm dying and just a day ago I woke up to feel that my lymph nodes just under my jaw bone are swallon... kinda hard and tender. I, myself, am scared to death that I will be faced with cancer... I am SLOWLY, but surely training myself not to live in fear. I have looked and looked for answer and I still continue to study... if you get this, please contact me @ [email protected] (this goes for anyone that can help). I would love and appreciate the talk!!
    laurn092 replied to slmrrt's response:
    I very much aggree that God may give doctors some answers, however, he is the main man in charge... I pray and pray.
    God bless you as well.

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