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    lymphoma or not? somebody give me an answer!
    boogz663 posted:
    hi im craig and im 25 years old. two years ago i was working an extraordinary amount of working hours and my wife was prego. at one point i was so exhausted that i was having trouble staying awake on the days i did have off, but i attributed that to the work...then all of a sudden i started to get sick very easily..then i started to get chest pains....pains so bad it would stop me in my i went to the doc for that..he said muscle spasm or strain...then he got my bloodwork and said that the counts were so bad he wanted to get another test. when i got the second one back he immediatly called me in to get an x ray....when the x ray revealed that i had swollen lymph nodes everywhere and that i started to develop cysts all over my torso and mid section(some so big they needed surgery) he called me after further review and me losing 30 lbs that he thought " 99% sure its lymphoma." i said ok whats next. meanwhile i am getting night sweats and have lymph nodes in my neck and armpit so large they are protruding from my skin. i went to oncologist and got PET scan and it showed up they told me to watch and wait. so two years went by with the same results except that i havent gotten a pet scan since ( expensive) when i go to my doctors they all say that they think its lymphoma but its too small to biopsy. 2 months ago i started to cough so bad that i started to cough up blood. but no other symptoms. went to ER and he took chest x ray. he brought me in his office and said i had what looked like early stage of lymphoma. yet when i go to my normal doctor, he says that its just clogged bronchials and that i should just wait.. well since then i havent NOT been sick.. ive had skin irritations all over me and havent stopped coughing since... and im constantly nasally......i KNOW i sound like a giant run on sentence and that i am complaining...but honestly i am just so tired of bein sick and just need some direction....anyone?
    An_206751 responded:
    have them check for Addison's
    Pink187 responded:
    I am going through the same thing with my husband. In addition to always being exhausted (we don't work as we are both disabled and our kids are older, so they're not at the age where you have to take care of them as if they were toddlers, etc.). Then he developed the "lump" in his groin area. Sweats at night, as well. What blood tests did they do, or say they needed to do, to let you know whether or not you actually have NHL? I don't blame you for being frustrated. Seems like some drs. are more interested in how many patients they can see to make money rather than actually CARING about them and making them well. Thank yo for your post.
    DMGG50 responded:
    Hi Craig

    I don't have anything to help you out. But I am going threw the same thing. I went in today for another CAT scan and see the Dr. I have had lymphnods in my lung that have grown to
    3/4" so they sent me for PET scans. I had a biopsy done
    and they said it was not cancer. But they don't know what
    is causing this to happen. So they just told me to come back
    in 6 months for another CT. so life goes on. Good luck Dale
    skinleona responded:
    Doesn't sound like complaining. Sounds like you desperately need to switch doctors all together. If you live near INDIANA go to IU Medical Center. They are absolutely great there. One of the best Medical Centers around. I have also heard that Cleveland Clinic is also very good. Get all of your doctors notes. Take a tape recorder with you. (hand held-radio Shack) Take notes of your own with you on every single thing you can think of. Go NOW. Longer you wait, the worse it can get. Good Luck! Prayers for you. I know the devastation of not knowing. So, please get some answers soon.
    Evirosen responded:
    I recommend you ask for copies of your blood work and then go online and study the results. Also go to a Natualpath Doctor, they take way more time and care the medical doctors. They understand the nightmare of going to a regular doctor. Bring your blood tests with you and bring all your symptoms. My daughter has some very similar symptoms and I was just searching for answers myself. I plan on calling our natural doctor today as well. Good Luck to you and just never ever give up on getting more answers and more opionions. You will find the right doctor eventually.
    An_249913 replied to DMGG50's response:
    I may have possible lymphoma in my chest area. What can I expect as far as the biopsy procedure etc etc. nervous as hell here please respond

    [email protected]

    ionut1968 responded:
    Hi Criag, a few years ago i have lived your story. Finnally i have discovered my lymphoma very late. Thanks to an angel (my doctor) and to a good coach i got healed.
    My advice is to pray all the time and think positive>
    I have shared my story with all the people interested in lymphoma.
    spiprn1 responded:
    Go to one of the Cancer Centers Treatments of American they will do all the tests in one day. And they will fly u there and wife there and back for free. the test will be billed to you insurance. I had night sweats and I knew it wasn't menopause, already been thru that and had a resp infection for like 4 months and one night I just happen to reach down and scratch my groin and felt one lump. it was kind of painful and I thought ok I have an infection. I'm a nurse, so I kind of knew it was an infection of some sort. Anyway two weeks later I happened to scratch again and there were 4, the biggest was pretty large so I went to my dr next day and this is what he told me. It's cancer till it aint. He said it looked like lymphoma but he will do a ct of chest and abdomen and sent me to an oncologist. the ct showed up a large amount in abdomen and the few in my groin, but thank god there weren't anything in lungs or above the diaphragm that would have made it a stage 4. Bone marrow was clean also. So I started chemo within two weeks. I have had three cycles so far and the latest pet scan showed the groin lymph nodes were gone and most of the abdomen were gone also. So this is good. I give this to my knowledge of lymph nodes not usually being swollen and my dr who said its cancer till it aint. So I treated it like cancer and caught it early... Anyway back to the cancer center treatments of america. They took my insurance and flew me out one day did all tests and I talked to all drs the same day they put you in a room and the drs come to you. then I flew home the next day. they will provide room and board for a nominal fee and they will fly u and one person to the center for free each time. I decided to stay near home after all that but I loved that place. if this comes back I may just go there because they do other tests that these oncologists don't do like genome testing to pinpoint the genes and arrange your therapy to specific for you. that's what I like about the,. Anyway sounds like lymphoma to me. I'd go to see another dr if I was you keep going till you get someone to diagnose you right, also go to the ctca website and read about non hodgkins lymophoma and hodgkins lymphoma. I had all the symptoms just wasn't relating them to that until after I read them, such as the infection that lasted 4 months with a low grade fever. ... Anyway keep searching for answers you will find them I'll pray you do.. good luck
    spiprn1 replied to DMGG50's response:
    go see a pulmonologist may be some kind infextion that can be treated with antibiotics.
    spiprn1 replied to An_249913's response:
    a ct guided biopsy is not painfull they can give you a little medication to calm you then you will stay on your side for about 3-4 hours then go home I had one done. didnt take long at all.

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