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    non-hodgkins lymphoma????
    Pink187 posted:
    My husband has almost all of the symptoms of this cancer. Recently we discovered an egg shaped lump in his groin area (right above where your leg meets your torso). When I probed further, I could feel a small mass (about the size of a nickel) behind the lump. He has lost a HUGE amount of weight very quickly. He lost 30 lbs. right after his Mom died (which is normal), but since then he has lost another almost 50 lbs. down to where he weighs only 5 lbs. more than I do (I weigh 118). At last weight, he weighed 123.5 lbs. At almost 6', this has made him not much more than skin and bones. He has a dr.s appt. Wed. w/his primary care dr. and also our urologist as he has had problems with nighttime incontinence. He's onyl 42 yrs. old. He also has the night sweats (I have to change the top sheet for both these and the urinary problem). He doesn't have any of the risk factors other than age and being male. Can someone who had/has this disease tell me what was happening to them befor their diagnosis? After losing both of my parents to cancer, I;m taking this very seriously. Thank you.
    Pink187 responded:
    Just to updeat my earlier info: my husband went to his regular dr. Friday afternoon. His dr. insists that it's nothing but a hernia (which is a likely scenario), but my husband has other symptoms of this disease that hi dr. completely ignored. Just last night, his night sweats were so bad, I had to take a towel and dry him off in his sleep. Not to mention that he's lost 30 lbs. since the end of Dec. Our girls are scared they're going to lose their Dad. After the recent loss of both of their G-mas, this would be a serious blow to their emotional well being. Both G-mas were in our house when they passed and each daughter was with one of the G-mas at the time of their passing. One of the G-mas lived with us and they helped take care of her right along with us for the 5 yrs. she needed round the clock care. Even going so far as to give up a big part of their social life to do it (they were 8 and 11 when they lost their G-mas). What I would like to know is, for those of you that have been disgnosed with NHL, how did they find out you had it? Did they do blood work, MRIs, what? After his dr. visit Fri., I'm going to take him somehwere else where they will address EVERYTHING, before it's too late. Thank you.
    CyndiNHL replied to Pink187's response:
    I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I had a cat scan first which showed a growth on my liver. My GP sent me to a cancer doc who ordered a pet scan. The pet scan has been the best way to show the affected areas. I have had 3 so far. One to show the original areas affected, one to show that everything was normal and just recently another one because the lymphoma has returned. I suggest that you husband sees another doc right away. to address the blood tests, they give me them everytime I go to the doctor but they are not a very good tell in my opinion. None of my blood tests were much different before and after the cancer. I am sorry that you are going thru this and the night sweats are a sure sign of the problem. I suffer from them as well and so I hope you go to a new doctor RIGHT away!!! Good luck

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