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    chronic kidney disease/back pain
    An_245491 posted:
    I have recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. I have also been battling bad right lower back pain for months. My back spasms and it hurts really bad when I bend over. Sometimes it takes my breath away to even move when my back is spasming so bad. Is this a symptom of chronic kidney disease? It is my kidney that's hurting and not my back?
    john-skpt responded:
    It would depend on the precise cause of the renal disease, and there are a lot of them. In most cases, Chronic Renal Disease is silent, no physical symptoms at all, and is only found early but blood tests.

    In a few conditions, for example some cystic renal diseases, the cysts can cause significant pain, and the kidneys lose function because the cysts replace healthy functioning tissue. So in things like that the renal failure is the result of another condition.

    It's impossible to know without some blood test results and maybe the reports from an ultrasound or CT scan. But I suspect that in your case, the renal disease is one condition, and the back pain is a totally separate issue.
    4Bente replied to john-skpt's response:
    Dear John,

    I am caring for my mother with 17% of her kidney functions left. How long will I be able to care for her with this large a loss? I am getting all kinds of different advice from family and they are making me panic. I can not find anything about %'s of kidney loss and longevity on this webmd site... any advice?
    john-skpt replied to 4Bente's response:
    Unfortunately there is simply no way to guess "how long". At some point she will need dialysis or transplant. (The threshold for starting treatment is generally about 15% residual function, but it varies with every case.) You don't mention her age or general health or other ongoing health conditions, but I've known patients on dialysis who were still rather active well into their 80's; I've also run into patients who couldn't tolerate dialysis well even in their 30's.

    If she refuses treatment, then it's probably a matter of months, though again, some people survive without treatment for a couple of years, while others pass in a few weeks.

    You might ask her doctor, who has all the other associated health data, but since it is still hard to predict, the doc may not want to be pinned down to a specific length of time.

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