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    2 Ureters in Right Kidney with blockage
    jbnfamily posted:
    Good afternoon,
    To give you a little background, I went to the hospital in November for what i thought was my appendix. It was in fact my kidney. I have two ureters in my right kidney and one is partially blocked causing me constant back pain, uti's etc. I wanted to see how common this was and if anyone else is going through this. I have seen a urologist however I no longer have insurance so I am unable to have the necessary x-ray done to further my treatment. Is anyone else dealing with a situation similar to mine and if so how was yours resolved.
    john-skpt responded:
    It's not all that rare. One study showed duplicate ureters in 3 of 50 subjects, but it might actually be more common than that.

    Unfortunately the preferred treatment is surgical. One is almost always smaller than the other, and the smaller one tends to block more and cause more trouble. So the best option is usually to remove the smaller structure. In a few cases the problem ureter can be injected with a substance that more or less completely closes it off so that built up urine and infections do not develop.

    In your case there might be a small stone in the ureter, but I suspect that the more likely cause of the pain is inflammation and potential infection.

    It really does need evaluation by a urologist and probably needs treatment at some point.

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