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    Is the pain worse at night?
    momof2wildcats posted:
    Hello again, I posted here a few days ago about uuurrrggg kidney stones! Anyone that has kidney stones, do you hurt especially at night when sleeping? It is very excrutiating trying to sleep at night lately, especially turning from side to side, my back hurts so bad, and I have to grab the mattress just to get turned over, and nearly in tears. So please if anyone expierences this let me know, thanks so much!
    msjoy67208 responded:
    Hey - I'm going on another bout of stones right now - just came home from another urology appointment. Mine does hurt more at night - not sure if that's because I'm not drinking water or because I'm laying flat. But that's when it usually hits.

    If you are in that much pain though - I would say contact your doc. They should have given you some kind of pain meds and my doc just got onto me today for not taking enough of them (I'm a mom too and I hate to be groggy - but he said that taking them will help break the pain cycle and let my body relax so the stone can pass better....) He also suggested warm baths and heating pads.

    Hope this helps!
    horkus1 responded:
    I am just recently diagnosed with kidney stones and just want you to know that you are not alone! Mine is definitely far worse at night and I am not sure why. In fact, I found this post of yours while looking around to see if anyone else had this problem and if so, what causes it. I was fine today and most of the evening but as the night has worn on, the pain has become severe.

    I agree with the other user that suggested you get your doctor to give you pain meds to have on hand. I do not know if I could make it through the night without mine and I would not want to find out. Don't suffer if you do not have to!

    Good luck!
    lauriepowell responded:
    I will tell you they REALLY hurt at night. Early AM is worse for me. I get up for work at 4:30 am and my kidneys hurt every morning after I urinate.

    I always thought I was I have chronic stones or obstructions. I also pass kidney tissue due to PKD. So at any time, most the time I have something passing.

    I have to take a pain pill at 2 or 3 am every morning to cover some of the pain so I can function at work.

    I hope you pass the stone and never have another

    Peachesdimp responded:
    I feel your pain, literally! Right now, I am waiting for a stone to pass and as if it were on a "timer", the pain kicks in a night! I have fallen asleep, but have been awakened by the pain which will keep me up the rest of the night. Blood, sweat and tears is part of this horrific journey. If mine's doesn't pass in the next week or so, I will consider the lithotripsy procedure where via shockwaves, the stone can be broken to pieces. The pain medication makes me violently ill, so I suffer and it sounds as if you are too. Hang in there....sorry, I can not offer any advice to make you comfortable.

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