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    white stuff in urine
    dbnicegirl posted:
    Ok, I feel strange asking about this... but I have had white stuff floating in my urine for months now and they are getting bigger. They were just little tiny pieces, now they could be called chunks. They almost look like mini jelly fish sometimes and other times like little strings. Does anyone know what in the world these things could be?
    john-skpt responded:
    It might be crystals of various body chemicals, but since you describe them as larger 'chunks', probably not. These could be small clumps of tissue cells, mucous from the bladder lining, or fat cells. There are a number of possibilities.

    You need to get a doctor to look at it under a microscope and find out exactly what it might be.

    It could be easy to fix, and not terribly dangerous, but until you get the word from a doctor, we just do not know.
    dbnicegirl replied to john-skpt's response:
    Chunks is not the best description because they float around like a jelly fish would. They are not at all crystal like.

    I dont know why the things bother me more than my blood pressure suddenly going up, or having blood in my urine or having everything swell up. It even bothers me more than being told that my potassium is low, even though I eat plenty of foods high in potassium.

    I really think that I am having kidney problems, but the Drs will not listen. I'm not officially diagnosed with lupus yet.

    I cant find anything on the internet about what these things may be. Maybe that is why they bother me so much. That and the fact that no Drs are telling me what they are. The urologist checked out my badder, but never even took a urine sample.
    2ndstage replied to dbnicegirl's response:
    I have jelly fish ha ha I love that description and i will use it too.
    in my urine too its just protein in your urine. It goes hand in hand with kidney disease.
    brschone responded:
    No, I am asking the question.
    brschone replied to dbnicegirl's response:
    Just looking for answers
    An_261688 replied to dbnicegirl's response:
    Not sure what the jelly fish things are, but I think it's strange that the urologist checked your bladder but didn't take a urine specimen. That is something that is required at each and every time we (myself and my husband) visit with our urologist! Actually they let their patients know ahead of time to be prepared to give a urine specimen when you arrive at his office!
    nkershne responded:
    I am having this too, did you ever find out for sure what it is? Oh, I hope it's not serious...look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

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