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    Total knee replacement
    sandyb56 posted:
    I have to go see a doctor that does knee replacements, both of my knees are bad and i have so much pain. What questions do i need to ask this new doctor about the surgery ? And what should i be worried about ? How long is the recovery ? I will be 57 soon and is this to early to have this done ? Thank you
    arbob5 responded:
    Do you want both knees done at the same time? This procedure is becoming more and more popular. I know one person who had both done and he said he would do it again.

    Make a list of questions you have, such as both knees at once, rehab time, risks, etc. etc. I'm sure your Dr. will have a lot of information to give you.

    As far as your age goes, if you have bone on bone pain, it will only get worse. I would think your Dr. would recommend it.

    I'm sure you will make the right decision. Continuous pain that will only get worse, or the surgery, which will get your life back, pain free. Keep us informed on what your decision is, and post surgery, how you're doing. We do care on this site.

    God bless.
    jeanneinct responded:
    Have you gone the conservative route as far as treatment for your pain such as synvisc or cortisone injections? I had conservative treatment with injections for more than 10 years before my surgery but those failed eventually and didn't help with pain. Surgery was my final option. Both my knees were very arthritic and I had a deformity where they were severely bowed. This caused my hips to be out of line when walking so that was additional pain. I had one knee replaced Dec.4, 2012 so I'm almost 7 weeks post operative. My surgeon does not do bi-lateral knees at the same time. If you can wait by getting relief through injections, then do that and put this surgery off as long as you possibly can. It's major surgery and the recovery is different for everyone but it's generally six months to a year to be totally rehabilitated. The physical therapy is extremely painful but necessary. The heat and swelling and redness last for months. It's a journey that's for sure. I'm hoping that the final outcome will be positive for me and I won't have this pain forever.
    sandyb56 replied to arbob5's response:
    Yes bone on bone.Thank you
    sandyb56 replied to jeanneinct's response:
    Yes i get the cortisone shot and they help a little. What is synvisc ? My knees are very arthritic with bone on bone. Thank you for the info
    arbob5 replied to sandyb56's response:
    Synvisc didn't work at all for me, but I know it did help others. We're all different, aren't we? That's frustrating!

    I was on cortisone for awhile...the injections helped some, but not worth the side effects the drug caused. I now have Ulcerative Colitis and my gastro Dr. put me on cortisone low dose for that disease. It helped, but getting off of it is pure hell. It's a good/bad drug, that's about all I can say.

    I guess it wouldn't hurt to try Synvisc, but with bone on bone, I really don't think it would help. Ask your Dr. all about it and get as much info as you can. Then make your decision.

    Good luck.
    ocknees responded:
    I was supposed to have bilateral knee replacements as well. My surgery was in Sept., 2012.

    Due to complications during surgery, only one knee was done. In retrospect, I consider it a blessing. Rehabbing two knees at once has to be such a challenge. Kudos to those who have. The hardest part about doing both at once is whether you have around the clock care once you come home. That is vital!!! If you do, then a bilateral is a good consideration. You'll need the help.

    I live alone. I'm SO grateful only one knee was done. I had no help with the exception of a few friends rarely stopping by to bring groceries, necessities. I was on my own. It was hard alone.

    And I'm no medical expert, but if you're "bone on bone" there isn't a single injection that will help prolong surgery. And that opinion came straight from my great surgeon. There's nothing to "inject into" when it's bone on bone.

    As for recovery, I began to feel significantly reduced pain three months out of surgery. I completed three months of out patient rehab. I highly recommend you do out patient rehab (not at home) - especially if both knees are done at once. The therapy and equipment available in an out patient setting are far better in my opinion.

    I've read by the sixth month, you're feeling relatively pain free and completely recovered after one year. Everyone is different, though.

    Since my other knee must still be done, I'm encouraged to take short walks and instead concentrate on the exercises taught in physical therapy. I love walking now. It's amazing how the surgery has helped.

    No, you're not too young. I was 53 (last Sept.) when my first knee was done. Currently, while my therapy is now complete, my knee is experiencing "trauma" (emits heat and there's swelling). As I understand it, this doesn't happen to everyone. (Lucky me, just kidding). Only time will allow this part to heal. I must be patient. I continue to ice my knee as directed and do exercises. I will have the other knee done when my ortho surgeon gives the green light (hopefully in the next four to five months).

    Oh, and manipulation of the knee is so important. Your therapist will do it. You should do it at home and often. Manipulation helps if you have adhesions. I have them but thanks to constant and proper self manipulation at home, I've made a full recovery and I'm free of adhesions. Ask your doctor and therapist.

    You can do it. I feel better in my completed knee already. Was it painful? Yes, but your doctor will give you adequate pain medicine. Is it still painful three months out of surgery? Yes, but it's manageable (I don't even need a Tylenol) compared to how I used to live. I can't wait to get the other knee done.

    I wish you all the best. I hope my answers help.
    sandyb56 replied to ocknees's response:
    Thank you, your info was very helpful. Now i have to just go meet the surgeon and make my appointment for my TKR. I really do not have anyone to help me at home so i will have to do one knee at a time.
    arbob5 replied to sandyb56's response:
    Good luck and God bless. I'm sure all will go well and you will be very happy you did decide on the surgery.

    Let us know how you're doing, ok?
    suzih responded:
    Sandy, I sound like you but I am 65. Both my knees are bone on bone and I am so crippled up. My right knee is worse. I also have pain in my upper arms and ankles. I got a referral to a knee surgeon but I don`t know whther to go to a rhuematism dr first. How do you know to go straight to a surgeon? Keep us informed and I will pray for you..I have been diagnsed with osteoarthritis 5 yrs ago but had to wait for medicare to kick kin.. Good Luck...Suzi
    sandyb56 replied to arbob5's response:
    I'm not sure about getting both knees done at the same time. I go to the knee doc next week to talk . Thank you !
    sandyb56 replied to jeanneinct's response:
    I have had the shots and the last time they only lasted 3 weeks. I worry about the long recovery because i live alone. How long after surgery til you can drive ? Thank you
    sandyb56 replied to arbob5's response:
    Thank you for the info. Very helpful
    sandyb56 replied to suzih's response:
    If your bone on bone i would go right to surgeon. I also put off surgery for 5 years but now bone on bone and getting worse i have to go. The thing i worry about is the replacement last 10/15 years so that mean surgery again when i'm in my 70s. Thank you. Good luck to you also
    jamin2013 replied to sandyb56's response:
    I too supposedly have bone on bone in right knee, and this knee is worse since hip replacement, it's all connected, fix one thing and other areas get worse....

    I don't want knee replacement...Prolotherapy can help a lot of joint issues, I have some for my shoulder and it was great.

    I've had the synvisc 2 times with two diff products, didn't help either time, just cost me a lot of $$$$...

    I'm taking Anatabloc now and it works on reducing Chronic Inflammation in all the body including joints... It's helping my burning spinal stenosis and HOPING my knee will get relief...

    I'm only on it close to 1 month and it's helping a lot truly....

    Those replacements can leave us with more misery oftentimes... When I got out I wear a knee support and
    often wear it in the house....

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