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    Knee Pain after Hip Replacement
    enuff81020 posted:
    I haven't posted on WebMD in about 8 years and it sure has changed!!
    I had my right hip replaced on Dec. 13 (5 wks ago) and healing looks pretty good except I am having a lot of discomfort in my right knee that is keeping me from walking and exercising the way it seems I should be. I had TKRs about 9 years ago and developed RSD on the right causing me to need a second knee replacement before I was functioning. I am worried about this pain, is it a typical part of the healing process with a hip replacement? My PT has went from "monitoring it" to telling me to "talk to my ortho at the next appointment" to sending him a report in the past 3 weeks as it has increased and interfered more and more. It is pretty achy by evening and has started keeping me awake and miserable when I should be asleep. Icing it gives me a bit of relief, but it lasts as long as the ice is keeping it cold. My breakthrough pain meds give me a bit of relief at first. Any thoughts on this?
    Thanks for giving this your time and for giving me your help!
    smip responded:
    I agree with you that the site has changed quite a bit. I had my total hip replacement in Aug. I too had a bit of "exagurated" knee pain also. My doc says it is because I was compensateing my weight. With physical therapy and REALLY watching how I walk has helped a bit. However, before my hip replacement I knew that both my knees were bad with arthritis too. Both knees need replacement too. I am waiting to see what hapends after both hips are replaced. I plan on getting my right hip done this comming August. Hopefully with both hips replaced that will take some pressure off my knees.

    I sure wish I had an answer for you. Hope you feel better soon.
    enuff81020 replied to smip's response:
    Thanks for your thoughts. I'm a bit taken by this because I haven't felt this horrid pain in a long time and it is a bit scary when I go back to all of the trouble that I had. I had forgotten how awful that time of my life was and this pain is exactly the same--it's almost like deja vu.

    I see my ortho on Monday and I will let him address it. I really need for my body to start cooperating and ever since all of that trouble in my knee some ten years ago, I have averaged a couple of orthopedic surgeries and issues a year. Maybe someday soon, my medical folks will figure out why my body is deteriorating like this. My rheumy suspects an auto-immune issue but none of the te bear that out. Anyway, I thought that having replaced knees took care of my problems. I should know by now, that nothing for me is carved in stone.

    Thanks again for your response.
    jamin2013 replied to enuff81020's response:
    Oh, I had my 1st and hopefully one hip replacement in 10/2010 and the last couple yrs have been holy "H"....

    Knee is worse, foot and ankle all worse...only thing that is "fixed" no groin pain at the hip surgery...

    The whole thigh area is so sore and stiff, IT band damage, I had anterior approach....I had it at 72....

    It's been a nightmare, I've been so much "work" in the last 2 yrs to get help on this....and here it is...I believe a lot of inflammation is going on.

    I'm on a new supp called Anatabloc and HOPE it will give me some reduces inflammation. jam
    enuff81020 responded:
    I saw my ortho and he x-rayed my knee and checked it out when I went for my 6 week post-op check up. He said that the prosthesis is intact and that there are no pockets of fluid present, so he suggested that I continue working on strengthening my quads.

    I truly adore this doctor, but it sure doesn't seem like this is the right solution. I worked out every single day on strengthening, balance and endurance using exercises that I had upgraded periodically by my physical therapist. I really realize now how hard I was working those quads and my other big joints because I cannot do most of them since my surgery. I cannot understand how I would lose all of my muscles and strength after 6 weeks.

    I am going to do as he suggested for the next 6 weeks until I see him again. If he is right on target with my needs, I should experience some improvement by then. I will either get to celebrate or we will have to try something else at that point.

    This is the best I can do as I struggle with sleep and with my job these days.
    Thanks to you all,
    georgia888 replied to enuff81020's response:
    Hello Sylvia,
    Did you have any knee pain prior to your THR? I ask because knee pain is common with OA of the hip. The knee is a common site for referred pain from the hip.

    My left hip is bone-on-bone & I often experience pain in my left knee. X-Rays show no OA or other problems in that knee.

    This may not ease your pain but I hope it helps by providing a possible explanation of your knee pain. Discuss this with your doctor or PT.

    Good luck,
    enuff81020 replied to georgia888's response:
    I had a TKR in my other knee about 9 1/2 years ago and in my right knee about 9 years ago--then I contracted RSD and complications caused me to need that TKR to be done over. It took time to heal under those circumstances, but I haven't felt pain in my right knee in 8 years. It was like the shock of an old nemesis returning to my world when I felt that pain about 2 weeks after I was post-op from my THR. I believed with all of my heart that it was from moving my leg in a new and different way and all of the other things my PT said, but this pain is intense and I am doing all of the old things all over. I cannot find a position that allows me to sit or stand or rest comfortably. I am limping and weak in that knee--and quite honestly, I came here because I am running out of resources and I remembered all of the support I got here way back when. It is like deja vu or some other bad movie with the old becoming new again. (Did I mention that I really am hating this?)

    I went back to work last week--out of necessity as much as anything. I ran out of sick leave about 2 weeks prior to my return and we need my income to support our 8 kids. I wanted to wait until June for the THR, but that awful pain every time I sneezed or yawned or moved anyway suddenly got to be pretty unbearable. Anyway, I am a teacher ( I am the single reading provider in an elementary school of 530 students with a 60% low income population. My serivce is needed desperately.) I see 68 students everyday and it is hard right now--all of this pain is wearing me down. I am working hard on my exercises and I go to the pool every day that I do not have therapy, to "strengthen my quads" above all. Honestly, I don't see this being my need or the answer, but I am giving it all I have because I really don't have anything else at this time.

    I appreciate what you have said and I am going to keep up with the exercises. I really love this ortho and I am going to do what he suggested because of that. If this will solve my pain problem, I am going to make it happen.

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