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    3 weeks post bilateral
    kcsandip posted:
    Hi all, my name is Sandi. I am 50 y/o and had both knees replaced 3weeks ago today. (1/14/13) I spent 4 days in then hospital, then 8 in rehab. I have a PT that come to me, and I guess I am doing ok. I have full extension (0 degrees). On flexion, or bending, my left knee. Has reached 95, my right knee has reached 100. I had some complications with my left knee (the drain did not work and my knee swelled up huge, then I developed cellulitis). But that is all clear now. Of course I have some swelling in both knees but nothing beyond normal so I am told. Here is my questions or problems. 1 . I cannot go more than 5 hrs without taking a Percocet (Used to be 4hrs). If I try to go longer, the pain is just horrible and sometimes I can't make it 5 hrs even. I do know to take meds prior to PT and to ice after, it does help! But I feel like at this point shouldn't I be able to go longer without meds? 2. I still can not sleep in my bed. I have tried and tried, but always end up back in a recliner . I am a side sleeper, and even with a soft pillow between knees, it is unbearable. 3. I have periods almost daily where I break down and just cry. I question my decision to do this surgery at all esp both at once. (I know I will be glad later) I just feel I am not doing as well as I should be. When does all this get better? Thanks for any advice you have. Sandi
    mfishlaw responded:
    Sandi, it's going to take time. I had the same thought after day two of my procedure. I would be watching the clock, as to when to take the next pain med. Patience! Take what you need to make yourself comfortable. I had issues sleeping as well after the surgery and waking up soaking wet from the meds. After I got off the narcotics, it passed. Still have some sleep issue, been 4 months, but you might ask you Dr. about Tramdol, it's not a narcotic, but it does help with night time pain and lets you attempt to sleep through the night.
    I have been off of that med for about 2 weeks now and have many more good than back nights sleep. Eveyone, I have spoken to says, it's going to take 6 months to a year to be on top of your game.
    Good Luck!
    jeanneinct responded:
    As I read your post it's now six weeks after surgery for you. If after 3 weeks you couldn't go beyond 95 degrees of flex on your left knee, it sounds as if you might have need for manipulation under anesthesia to separate those adhesions.

    I was six weeks post knee replacement when I was told I need MUA. Essentially all the pain and physical therapy wasn't serving any purpose because the adhesions had made it totally impossible to get a greater than 85 degrees of flex. I had wasted six valuable weeks of rehabilitation due to those restricting adhesions.

    I'm 3 weeks post MUA and things are better. I can comfortably sit or drive my car and even sleep on my side with no problem now. Right now, I'm still working on going down stairs one at a time.

    You're brave to get both done at the same time. I wanted to have both of mine done but my surgeon refuses to to both at the same time and I realized after my surgery why that is. I don't think I could have rehabilitated either knee effectively if both were done together.

    Let us know how your recovery is doing. Good luck to you.
    kcsandip replied to jeanneinct's response:
    Thanks. I just finished my 7th week. I am at 0 on extension, and flexion is at 124 on the right, 126 on the left. All is going good besides for the inability to sleep, and crying episodes. I think that, tho, is because I am just so tired.

    Every day is a new day/ a new challenge
    washguy responded:
    Hi Sandi I just got on here to see whats doing with both knees being done.... I had both mine done on Jan23...spent 5days in hospital and 10 in im kinda in your shoes ...i was at 125 bending during home pt...didnt need but one week of that. oh im a young went back to work at 31 days and im not a desk jockey i have to work on concrete and with machinery. getting in and out of my suv doesnt help matters or maybe it does?! my pain is baad sometimes especially at night and when i slowed down the work but im still taking narco starting in the afternoon every 5 hours the evening its like the pain lightswitch flips on even if theres not much during the day....i did an experiment this week didnt go to work,just elevated and iced all day,,,so very little pain my knees had no swelling....but 9pm on comes the pain was like i had abused my knees all day?
    so thats why i came on here to see when the pain would stop.. as for sleeping im having a hard time too..looks like we both have a ways to go Wash

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