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    Includes Expert Content
    7 weeks post op bil knee replacement-unable to sleep
    kcsandip posted:
    Hi. I just hit my 7 week mark, and am so frustrated . I can not sleep. I am a side sleeper, and cannot tolerate any pressure on the sides of my knees. I am and never have been able to sleep on my back. I wonder if this is a problem anyone else has had and does it go away?

    I feel my progress is going well. I am at 0 bil with extension. For flexion ,my right knee is 124 and my left is 126. I rarely take a Tramadol, and take Aleve 2 times daily.

    Besides for sleeping, my other problem seems to be that I cry a lot. I have no appetite..and have lost 13 # since being home. I know I need to get out of the house more..but due to our horrible winter weather...I still have home PT. ( starting output next week). I am a nurse, and a people person. I still have 5 weeks before I am to return to work 1/2 days. I got out this weekend both days..but hurt back to ice packs and my recliner:(

    Any advice from other who have been here would be greatly appreciated! ESP on how to get thru the emotional part of this.

    Bal M Rajagopalan, MD responded:
    Be patient once you get more range this symtom should settle
    dogwatcher1 responded:
    Have you tried placing a pillow between your knees to cushion? That has helped me because I am a side sleeper too. Nothing is perfect, recovery is hard. I've had some depression too but my husband had a stroke 5 years ago and has an aide that comes in every day to help him and is good company for me as well. My husband has expressive aphasia so is not a talker. Our weather has been cold and rainy but is getting better. I too am affected by cold dark days. I turn lots of lights on and if you get any sunny days I suggest bundling up and sitting in the sun as much as possible. Try to get friends to come for coffee or tea or lunch or something just to have a warm body around and let you know the the world is still turning on it's axis.
    Try, even if you have to fake it to be upbeat when someone visits. Make them want to come back.
    Just hang in there and know it will get better and the weather will improve. You have to take control of your mood and work at making it better.Talk to your primary care doc about some antidepressants for a few months. Clinical depression runs in my family so I am aware of upcoming events that may make it worse and try to be proactive about creating a better environment. Hope this helps.
    Travelinr0se responded:
    It is 3:20 am, & after 4 hours of desperately trying to sleep in my bed, I'm back in the living room on the adjustable hospital bed, again. I picked up my iPad & started searching. Originally I rented this bed because my regular bed was too high off the floor. Now I'm afraid I may never be able to give it up. Thank you for your comments. You're ahead of me on recovery, my Bilateral TKR was 1-25-13, and your flex is way ahead. But, the sleep issue is the same for me. At best I am able to go 45 min to an hour. Then I have to get up & walk around or change beds I've tried pain meds at night & without (I'm on Norco). It makes no difference. The pain at night is different. My flex is @ 0, extension is 72 L & 68 R. To be fair, it wasn't even that good before surgery, & I also suffer from sciatica, but, I've been working very hard. Manipulation is a possibility, but not yet. I have home PT still, thank goodness. I also found a holistic, mind, body, spirit therapist who comes twice a week. This has been very helpful physically and mentally. Like you I am so very frustrated with the sleep issues as well. Im in Cali so weather hasn't been a factor & I'm retired & live in a beautiful resort. I have access to a large indoor hot tub & pool which are helping me with stairs & get turnout. Every day I am able to do more, & I know it takes hard work & time. But, I've tried all these tricks for sleeping but nothing has helped. I think the sleep deprivation is a factor in my crying. I'm pretty sure that for me it is my lack of control. Thank you for having posted about your progress. I was really starting to think it was just me. Now I'm gonna try & get that next 45 minutes of sleep...
    oldordie responded:
    To help me get through the emotional part of my knee replacement I have turned to this web community. When I find others suffering with the same problems I have I don't feel so alone. I don't think that being part of a web community is a permanent replacement for contact with actual people but it can help you feel better. Look at some of the questions that others have posted. Give encouragement when you can. It is one way to actually feel like you are more than a lump sitting in a chair.

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