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    Chronic groin pain after hip replacement
    doublehippy posted:
    I have bi-lateral hip replacements, one done with the posterior/lateral approach and the more recent (6 years) with the anterior muscles/ligaments cut (left side). I have chronic, deep-seated groin/pelvic area pain on that side. Went thru all the "big" tests....aspiration and bone scan and infection/loosening was ruled out. It's almost as though something is being "impinged" in there..with certain movements. The pain will wake me in the middle of the night when I try to straighten my bent leg. No pain when walking...but it does hurt to cough (hernia ruled out) and, often times, I have to lift my leg manually to get into my car. I do have moderate degenerative disk disease and lumbar stenosis and it's been suggested the groin pain could be coming from my back. I really don't feel it definately feels like a "mechanical" issue with the ball part of the prosthesis...or possibly some bursitis? I plan on seeing my OS soon (again) but, when he looks at my x-rays, he assures me that all looks good. What sort of tests should I ask for to test for impingement? I'm at my wit's end with this pain....Thanks so much for reading!
    An_251208 responded:
    I had the anterior approach in right hip 2.5 yrs ago and the only thing I don't suffer with NOW is groin pain...prior to replacement groin pain was HORRIBLE, it had to be the main reason I opted for the replacement...

    I have a lot of complications from the surgery including IT band damage down the right thigh and horrible spinal stenosis since hip replacement...HORRIBLE I say.

    I've done so much in the last 2.5 yrs including 16 sessions of acupuncture and mesotherapy injections from my integrative rheumy...they helped...

    Prolotherapy can be a positive protocol for certain issues...I've had Prolo in a shoulder and got good results...

    I'm now taking a new supplement called Antabloc which works on INFLAMMATION...I'm going on 3 months with it... I'm not a happy camper with this hip replacement...but it's done.
    scheper responded:
    My husband is talking about the anterior approach because his orthopedic surgeon friend ( who does not do hips) recommends it. Worth it or not? Longer or shorter recovery time?

    An_251542 responded:
    Do you know the manufacturer of your hips, & are they metal on metal, or do they have plastic ball & socket? I also have had double hip replacements, & it makes a huge difference what type of artificial hips are used! My surgeon only uses Smith & Nephew. He has never had any success with any other manufacturer. Something to consider, the groin pain may truly be referred back pain. Once you have a hip problem resolved, the pain that was in the background, such as back pain, comes to the surface and gets worse. I don't want to discourage you, but, within 2 years after my mother had her total hip replacement, she had to have spinal surgery, which has completely resolved all her severe groin pain
    Slckindle responded:
    My husband is experiencing the same symptoms after his hip replacement (the anterior approach). How long did your pain last after surgery(days,weeks)? Did you ever get relief? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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