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    Knee replacement and edema
    Minervajune posted:
    I had TKR in may 2012 and did well, but soon after started having swelling. Everyone told me swelling was normal and told me not to worry. I have seen so many dr because retaining fluid continues. I have been to 4 lymphedema therapists but no one has been successful. Finally in January the fluid was so bad that I could only take about 4 steps with a walker and I would have to catch my breath. I was admitted to the hospital and they took off 113 pounds of fluid.

    When I went home I was told to take 80mg of Lasix and even double it my weight started increasing. For some reason my body doesn't respond as well when taken orally. So in the past 6 weeks I have gained 40 pounds and I am now back in the hospital trying to get the fluid off. My shoes don't fit and I can't wear pants because my right leg is so much larger. I have to use a walker to get around . I am in pain all the time. It feels like I have a blood pressure cuff on my legs. Then at times there are just shooting pains.

    I have searched and searched for answers but come up empty. The only thine they are finding is what it's not. Hopefully someone out there has had a situation similar and can give me advice. This has been going on for 10 months and it becomes more depressing with each passing day. My life has been turned upside down. I sit in a lift chair and have tables next to me with things I need.

    Please if you have anything you can share concerning my condition please do so. I'm feeling pretty desperate!ppp
    CruzerC responded:

    In '09 I had my hip replaced.... shortly afterwards my leg swelled triple it size... My doctor referred me to a vascular surgeon... He told me I had edema and needed to wear compressed stockings (over the counter) and to use a wedge pillow to raise my leg over my head...
    Well, that didn't help.... Leg was getting worse....
    Did a search and found lymphedema specialist in my area.
    Made an appt.
    They wrapped my leg every day for over a month and ordered custom made compressed garment (which I have to wear every day for the rest of my life)
    Anyway, the treatment was a success... My leg went down to normal... No more swelling.

    I would suggest finding a lymphedema specialist in your area.
    Minervajune replied to CruzerC's response:
    I am so glad the therapy helped you but I have been there and doing that. I am on my 4th lymphedema therapist and we are getting nowhere. To date I have spent about $2000on custom garments , bandages, ready wraps etc.the swelling keeps coming back. I have huge lumps of squishy feeling stuff. The fluid won't go away and doctors are stumped. I still need to use a walker to get around. I am hoping someone will see this who has had similar problems. This has been so frustrating. Thanks for your answer
    friendlyguy55 responded:
    Hi I hope you start to feel better,I am almost like you,with the swelling in my right knee and leg.My doctor was very concern for I also had lack of blood flow in my leg.This my 2 second total knee replacement.The first one back in Sept.2010 failed,because my body rejected my hardware.I also got fluid build up,buT not as bad as yours.24 hours around the clock my pain level was a 7 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 and the pain med.did not work very well.I also has nerve damaged from my first surgery,and muscle damaged from my last knee replacement,just this last Oct.2012 and my leg remains very tight as well.I couldn't get around without my cane and it was very pain full to walk.My friend introduce me to this LIMU product taking from this brown sea weed from the South Pacific.I was desperate so I tried it.I tooled 2 oz. in the morning,then I tooled 2 oz.of the juice in the evening,and the next morning,I tooled 2 oz. of the juice,and that after noon I had my Dr.appt.and when he came into my room he said my god,you got your color back into your leg,and you look good.On my way home from my Dr.,my pain level dropped down to about a 1 to 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 The next day my swelling in my leg went down,and now it's normal.This is the best I have been in years.I also helped my neighbor who had a real bad back and was bed ridden,and after he took 2 oz of the juice he said his pain went away and he was able to get on his roof to fix his roof.Just last Monday I tooled him to his doctor's appt. Because the doctors had to put him out and put some shot into his back,so he needed a driver to take him there and bring him home.My neighbor just founded out why he was so much in pain,he had a fracture back and now he needs surgery.Now he has to stop working and stay in bed because of all the nerves in his back where he has the fracture.Limu helped him and tooled his pain away,but now he needs surgery.Limu might help you,you should give it a try.Take the LIMU Original drink.My web site is When you get to my site click on buy product,and when you get to the second page,you stroll down to individual prices and click ok the plus sign.There you will get to all the individual prices,and there you will see the LIMU Original drink.It helped me and it has been 4 weeks now and I don't use my cane anymore.Limu also helped my neighbor with his pain,and just two day ago we founded out he has a Broken back,and now he has to take it easy and he now has to see a special Doctor.Like I say,LIMU might help you too,I wish you luck and please keep me posted. Lynn

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