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    TKR 1 yr ago,.,still not right :(
    janetkayw posted:
    Hi. I just had a little emotional melt down (which I never do). My tkr was last Jan. 20....almost a yr ago. I just want to know what does your knees feel like afterward. Mine feels hard, heavy, stiff, and like it 'catches' or moves when I bend it. Will I ever get to where I don't feel the new knee 24/7???? I feel it every time I move, step, roll in bed....etc. ALL the time! I am so flustered! When I sit at my desk, I have to stand for a few seconds before I can walk. I did everything they said to do. Did 5 months of PT. I just feel like it will never be ok. My Dr. keeps saying some take up to a yr to heal right. Well....that is next wk & its not doing better. I didn't do anything fun with my kids last summer. I can't believe there's a chance I won't again this summer!! I really thought I'd be walking better by now! I went grocery shopping yesterday. By time I'm done, it feels SO swelled up & I can barely make it to the checkout. Then by time I'm done standing (if they're busy), I can barely hobble to my car. This can't be normal!!! My other knee is hurting alot also....but I don't want to go thru all this again. Thanks for letting me vent. I just want my life back.
    aim02062 responded:
    I had a TKR last month and I am kind of in a similar situation like yourself. My kids are still little and thought for sure I'd be riding bikes with them this spring. My TKR was March 2013. I still feel numbness in my knee. I have had 10 surgeries before and my doc said it's going to take year or so. The clicking I hear if the plastic against the metal. That's what the doc told me last week. My implant is in there just fine. I was very active beforehand before my TKR but just with pain, clicking, grinding, giving out, etc. My sister is a PT and she stays on me with my exercise. I have a bike at home that I ride. My doc is confident that I'll still gain some more degrees on my own. My sister keeps reminding me to stay positive and picture yourself actually being able to walk down the stairs and bend your knee, etc. She said if I keep thinking negatively then that is going to outway the positive. Still feels stiff and need to get it going before I walk or get out of bed. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that is almost a year out. I just turned 40 and never plan on doing this luck to you in your recovery.
    blschroeder responded:
    I had my bilateral tkr in 2000. I can honestly say that it took about 1 and half years to get rid of the heavy stiff feeling, but I'm not having any trouble with mine. The first year it was always cold and I had to cover it with pillows and blankets, but this year it has been fine. Give it time. The only problem that I'm having is maybe going down steps, only once in a while. Exercise is the key. I spent the first two years in the gym. Every night after work for at least and hour. Water exercises were the best, but I also did the treadmill, recumbent bike, and the rowing machine. If mine feels stiff, which is not very often I just find some kind of exercise to do. Even if it is just sitting on a chair and doing leg lifts.
    jamin2013 replied to blschroeder's response:
    Well, maybe it does take years to feel somewhat "normal" with the new parts.....Dr. Darrow who does Prolotherapy, always says as long as one can bend your knee, there is collagen/cartlidge I understand it, these surgeries remove everything.

    For future thinking on replacements, consider Prolotherapy to hopefully avoid another surgery.

    I have a hip mess for over 3 yrs now....and knee is involved but will NOT do a surgery....good luck....
    peadnut2u responded:
    Hi Janetkayw,

    I had a bilateral total knee replacement 02/17/14. Everybody has a meltdown at some point and it sure isn't anything to feel bad about!

    My surgey, pain management and recovery are going well and I sure can't complain, but I'm brand new out of the gate so we'll see how it goes. I know this I don't have ANY ARTHRITIC PAIN!! And after 10 years of suffering with that I'm ready to walk on the beach with my almost 2 year old granddaughter!!
    My heart sings every time I get up and walk now!!

    Good luck, I hope you find out what's going on so you can get some relief!!


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