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    Knee Replacement
    terpoo posted:
    I had a total knee replacement back in July 2015, it is almost 9 months and I am worse off now than I was before the surgery. I have seen the dr for follow ups and also a vein dr. and everything with the vein dr was fine. I am so disgusted and now I am being told that I have edema, well what I want to know is does having edema cause all the problems I am having like, major swelling of the knee, stiffness, soreness, not being able to stand more than 10 minutes, not being able to sit for a long period and then getting up and having trouble walking. I still have to use a cane when I go out because I am so afraid of the knee giving out and falling. Even with the bad knee before surgery I was able to do everything with some pain, I cannot even go up and down stairs now without holding on for dear life and going very slowly. I am told over and over by my dr that everything is fine. My gut is telling me otherwise. Anybody else having this much trouble or am I crazy??
    _gigi_ responded:
    hi there and no you are not crazy. I had tkr of right knee back in june 2015. I had nearly same issues as you. surgeon kept saying it was normal and all kinds of bull crap. saying oh you just need to push thru pain type crap. i was in pain all the time everyday. my walking gait was altered. i couldnt straighten my knee or bend beyond about 85 degrees flexion. finally after being 3.5 months out from surgery i had to have arthroscopic revision to take out in words of the surgeons physician asst LOTS of scar tissue. first day after was good more flexible and such but still have lots of pain. this continued and dr said oh i can no longer give pain meds as this is now a chronic pain issue. i ended up having to see a pain management specialist. thru process of elimination he has diagnosed me with complex regional pain syndrome. this typically develops after an injury surgery or tauma to the bone which sawing and drilling into the bone for a tkr is all of those things.

    this unfortunately is a permanent condition but there can be improvement and possible periods of remission. so far the treatment has given me far more relief pain wise than i had had since original tkr surgery. try seeing a pain management specialist and ask about the syndrome. my dr has me on gabapentin and norco. the gabapentin has worked wonders and has improved my pain levels like 75%.

    do you have other symptoms on top of the pain. is the joint always warm? does the skin where incision was made have extreme sensitivity evenn though wound is totally healed?
    223one responded:
    223one responded:
    No I am 7 week out of TKR and having a lot same issues even though you have had a lot of time and still having problems, I would think something is not correct. I have fell from knee being unstable and still having to use a cane mine is swollen and it is very hot like it has a fever. My Dr. said its just inflammation, I think that my body may be rejecting the replacement! I am also in soo much pain it is crazy I am like you I can not stand long periods of time or sit either. I am going to have to get a second opinion on my knee I am not going to go a long time like this it is not right! I can relate....
    jimmyd54 responded:
    Are you still having the same problems? I have similar symptoms with my knee. About every couple of months it will fill with fluid making it painful and impossible to walk without assistance. I have constant pain which increases a couple of days before the swelling starts. If I put ice on it right away and keep my leg up I am a little better the next day. The swelling seems to start on the upper outside of the knee then travels to the upper left and the back of the knee. I try to go to the gym 2x's/week. I notice that when I haven't been to the gym for a week to 10 days my knee will hurt more than usual. I had my knee replaced in September of 2014. There was a lot of give in the knee so in July of 2015 the Dr replaced the spacer saying that it was too small. This did not help and possibly made it worse. I am still seeking answers. I have been to 2 different Dr.'s and they both say that it looks fine. Don't know what to do next. It is hindering my ability to work. If you have had any success I would like to know so that maybe I can try something else.Thanks
    spyac3 responded:
    do you know what implant was used? the reason I ask is I am also having problems and don't think I'm getting good answers from my surgeon which has lead me to collecting all my records from surgery to office visits and do not like what I am learning below is my story:

    I had TKR 7 months ago Oct 6th 2015 and am still in more pain then I encountered before the surgery. Climbing up and down stairs produces pain in the lower front of my knee, Walking produces pain from the constant grinding / grating feeling I have in the knee implant and of course the more I walk the greater it becomes, It feels loose as if its moving around and with each step produces a clicking / popping sound. Sitting in one position to long provides stiffness and pain and changing positions or standing up the knee feels hesitant to move. There is also constant pressure and tightness in the back of the knee, I have had the knee lock up on me 2 times now once during a PT session and once at home both of which required minor manipulation to free it and ice to calm it down. The implant used is a Zimmer NexGen complete knee solution, Legacy knee, Posterior stabilized, LPS Flex femoral component
    Given the past problems with this type of Zimmer implant ( recalled in early 2015 ) why would surgeons continue to use these??? I was told before my surgery "You'll be good as new" and now I have to force myself to be active knowing that I will encounter the pain and especially pay for it even more later. Anyone else experiencing this same thing??

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