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    pain and swelling after knee replacement
    jfro2016 posted:
    HELLO.I noticed most of these posts are very old and would like to hear from someone who has just gone through a TKR recently.
    I am 59 and had my surgery 6 weeks ago. I still have swelling ,pain and stiffness. I know this is normal and would like to hear from someone who is months ahead of where I am now . Even if it is just to give me hope.Im not sure where most of you live but my surgery was done in Vancouver B.C . I have a physical job and wonder how many months it will take to recover to the point of working an 8hr day with no pain? I am in no hurry to go back to work but at this point in my recovery I am a little frustrated.
    I still cant drive so I am house bound which doesnt help. I guess I am asking for some info on what to look forward to in the months to come.
    Thanks Jenn
    bjw2016 responded:
    Hi, I just read your post. This is the first time I have been on here. I am 70 and just had TKR less than 4 weeks ago in California. I was able to go through the first stage of this recovery and have not needed to use a walker or cane. I have just begun to drive. The next stage is more difficult for me. I have had some swelling which has caused me to have difficulty in doing the extension exercises needed to straighten the leg and knee. I have found that taking Motrin helps with the swelling and using ice packs frequently every day to help with the swelling. I think it takes everyone different amounts of time to heal and I am expecting too much, too fast. It has led to depression which I have found out is normal.
    I think we are somewhat in the same boat and just need to give ourselves more time. Hope it goes better for you. It is nice to see where other people are and to get support.
    An_267838 replied to bjw2016's response:
    I'm sorry about your swelling and problems with your extension. I had knee replacement 9 weeks ago. I used a walker the first 4 weeks and I've been using a cane since than. My knee swells and is very painful after standing for 45 minutes to 1 hour. When I can't tolerate the pain anymore I lay down elevate it and ice it. I do drive short distances. I also take aleve for pain. I have trouble sleeping at night related to the pain. Do you have pain at night? I thought I would be healed by now it it seems like you are further advanced in your healing process with less time.
    editor_morgan responded:
    Hi jfro2016,

    Here is a visual guide to knee replacement , which includes information about recovery. It says that you should be able to resume most of your household chores and activities after 3-6 weeks and you should be able to return to work after 6-8 weeks.

    Are you doing physical therapy? Have you expressed your concerns to your doctor?

    Keep us posted.
    faron79 replied to editor_morgan's response:
    I had a LEFT TKR (also with both Ligaments repaired, & a new MCL fashioned from mesh, & 2 anchors! Original MCL had been repaired waaaaayyy back in '78, & was in tough shape the surgeon said! It was moved slightly, & the mesh ligament installed...) in Sept 2014 when I was 53.

    I'm in Fargo, ND where surgery was done. I had 6 wks of PT, & did very well. Very well regarded Ortho-surgeon, who has been on a few U.S. Olympic staffs. Even drove myself to the last 2 PT appts.! Did lots of exercises b4 & after the surgery, IN ADDITION TO the PT. THANK GOODNESS for the Kodiak/Breg Ice-wrap machine! Used it a lot the first 2 months! Occasional use until 3 months. Took it home home from hospital.

    BTW....for was back to work at 6wks, for half-days, for 2 weeks. Kinda tough...but you HAVE to push through. Light pain-meds were necessary. I'm on my feet all day....Hardware retail in a large store.

    Your recovery sounds normal, and everyone is different!
    2 yrs later...I'm doing great! Keep doing strengthening exercises!!!!!

    Faron in Fargo!

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