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    Total knee replacement scar tissue
    agolab posted:
    I'm looking for expert advice/opinion. I'm 53, had a total knee replacement 4 months ago, was recovering fine, but recently I have excessive noise and friction in the replaced knee. No loss of range of motion (120 degrees give or take) but discomfort is building. Sounds like tissue tearing. Surgeon tells me it may be scar tissue and it's worsening. Has anyone been through this or experienced this and if so, have you done something about it? What did you do and how well did it work? I'm very concerned that I may be in that 1% suffering post surgery scar tissue build up requiring additional surgery. I do take an NSAID Meloxicam for the other bad knee not yet replaced. Please advise if you are confident of your data. I appreciate your time!
    _swank_ responded:
    There are no experts that read this board so if you want an expert opinion you'll need to see another orthopedic surgeon.
    fibrogirl03 responded:
    Hi, I had total knee replacement in my left knee back in march 07,at the age of 50, i had the Zimmer Gender Solutions Knee put in now this is made just for women.I am sorry to say i had so many problems from the start. I got nerve damage in the foot , 1 day later a blood clot in the same all this and when they got me up to walk well since i couldnt feel my foot it was very hard recovering and 4 months after they had to go back in and take out the scar tissue and had the knee bented since i couldnt get it bend past 60% after many months of rehabilitation i would love to say i am doing good.But the new knee just isnt working for me and what they need to do is replace it again,my pain is great and i do see a pain doctor since i am not ready to do it again yet. Its going on 2 years now and i still cant feel my left foot and being on blood thiners for a year and on top of all that i have fibromyalgia sorry for going on but if you have the scar tissue have it taken out . Best of luck.
    mind_situation responded:
    sounds like we both have the same trouble. i have nerve damage to the left foot as well after surgery. it will not go away. i have been on every drug and find that methodone does the best at controling the pain. i go to a pain mangt. place for it and thank god the found something that worked. however it is a life4 long sentence for drug use. good luck and let me know how you make out. charlie at [email protected]
    CherryyR responded:
    I'm new on here and I am wondering how you are doing at this point? My right knee has been bone-on-bone for a number of years. I've tried to hang in there as long as possible. I've been disabled since 2001 with a host of problems. My knee is so bad now that I finally decided to let the doctors know we can go ahead. Now they won't do surgery on me because of bad scarring and because I have fibromyalgia. I feel as though they've handed this 53 year-old a sentence of permanent crippling. I also have severe spine problems, eight foot surgeries, and another to go, and hands that are crippling due to arthritis. These problems are the tip of the iceberg! I am thankful to the doctor that said in good conscience he would not put in a knee for me. Yet, what am I supposed to do? If anyone is out there with any suggestions, I welcome them! I hope and pray that those who have written here, are doing better.
    _swank_ responded:
    Go see another doctor. Sounds like you've only seen one. If he's not comfortable dealing with difficult cases then you probably don't want him doing surgery on you anyway. See someone that specializes in knee replacements.
    Geradine4733 responded:
    I had some trouble with my TKR that I had in 2006. The doctor told me that he thought it was a tendon. He sent me to a physical therapist for exercises and deep heat treatments. It did help. I have to do the exercises every day but I have had a very good outcome. Your problem may be different but you might try PT and the deep heat treatments that the PT gives. I agree that you should see another doctor and ask his opinion.
    annette030 responded:
    I would go to a teaching hospital and make an appt. with an orthopedic surgeon that does most of his practice on knees that need replacing.Let him do any tests you don't already have, but be sure to bring the films of any xrays or scans that have already been done with you to your first appt. Go with a list of all your current meds, and a list of meds, treatments, injections that you tried and didn't work. Only a well qualified knee surgeon will be able to tell you if there is anything available now that will offer her some hope for improving her mobility. Remind him that your FMS may inflate the pain at times. It can complicate the treatment of the pain you have from that. I am falling asleep over my keyboard, will check in tomorrow. Take care, Annette

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