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    total knee replacement after 6 months can you climb step ladders etc.
    ronplumber posted:
    would like to know after 6 months TNR are your knees strong enough to squat down and climb a step ladder.Planning to go back to work after 5 or 6 months and would like to know my activity level at this point from people that have had it.I am 50 years old and very active.thanks for any responses.
    suzzie61 responded:
    Hi: I am trying to find out if anyone is feeling a electric shock type pain after TKR surgery. My husband had his done in April, and he was told he can never use a ladder. I think it has something to do with the way you bend the knee. Not sure about a step ladder. The squatting down I do not know.
    When was your surgery? My husband is doing great, and he goes to physical therapy 3 times a week. They said his motion is great, and that he achieved it pretty quick. Nobody seems to know what this shock feeling is that he gets, and he is suppposed to return to work end of August. His job requires being on his feet all day in retail management.
    ronplumber replied to suzzie61's response:
    I canceled the surgery untill I can get more info on the 30 year knee that just came out.My doc. told me I can climb ladders and it should not be a problem.Thats why i am posting this exchange to try to talk to real people that have has this done and what they can do after 6 months of rehab.I cant last another day I am in so much pain so as soon as I find a doc for the 30 year knee i am getting it done.I am on my feet all day and climb ladders I would hate to have to start another occupation at 50 and try to make what I make now would be impossible thats why i am doing some homework.thanks
    ronplumber replied to suzzie61's response:
    Also about the electrical shock feeling did he ask the doc?I was told by someone else that had TNR that his doc told him it will slowly go away and could take a year.I have read this same problem in other blogs and most of the docs say the same thing.
    _swank_ replied to ronplumber's response:
    The 30 year knee is not that new. It's been around for a few years according to my doctor. At any rate, that's what he put in my knee. I don't know that it will make any difference as far as what you can and can't do, but it should last longer. Nobody has had one for 30 years so there are no guarantees. My doctor is very optimistic that mine will last a good long time.
    ronplumber replied to _swank_'s response:
    How long have you had your new knee?I know from what I read and am told that if you stick to the therapy and let your knee heel dont rush going back to work you should see no differance in your old knee vs your new knee,is this true with you?your age?do you still work?Do you think you could use a step ladder and say paint the side of your house with no difficulty? sorry for so many questions. I just like to get as much info I can on what I will be like after my new knees I know it depends on the person, every one is different.I`m 50 years old and still have 15 years of work left. Thanks
    _swank_ replied to ronplumber's response:
    My new knee is only 8 weeks old so I'm still in the healing stage. I can barely walk up stairs but cannot walk down like a normal person. I have to go good leg first. I did climb a ladder the other day but was only on it for a minute.

    I do expect to make a full recovery. I was back to driving in less than 3 weeks (left knee) and back to school full time after 5 weeks. I still work and I expect to do so for at least another 10 years. I'm 52.
    Geradine4733 responded:
    You have probably heard that people heal at different rates so it is often hard to predict. You are young and active so you should have an excellent chance of healing faster than most people who tend to be older. A step ladder is better than a tall ladder.

    It took me a long time to heal but I was doing well at 6 months and I am much older than you. I had an excellent result from my TKR 4 years ago, and I am sure you will too. I can do everything but kneel on that knee.
    debbiemc101 replied to suzzie61's response:
    I had a knee replacement done 8 months ago, he also told me I could do and that, but I can't. I can climb ladders, steps and drive and walk, no running at all......My knee still swells, still numb on the side of it........NO FEELING AT ALL!!!!! it will be like that for a long time so he said.......the back of knee swells all the time after I walk around in yard......I will never have it done again........
    ydididothis12 replied to debbiemc101's response:
    I am with you....I will never do this again. i am actually being bullied into another procedure by my doctor and I do not feel this is right. I went in Friday and he said I have to have a manipulation to get my knee to bend 10 more degrees. I am at 95 and to me this is ok since I was at 60 before surgery. I can walk and function however I have swelling on the ankle, the back of the knee, and numbness on the outer side. He tells me , no manipulation then no more therapy. What an ass. These docs tell you what they want you to know and not what you need to know. Until I found this site there were so many things I was never aware of
    craftylady1972 replied to ydididothis12's response:
    It is 1am and I am up because I am having pain in my calf area. I had my TKR done in January and I am still not convinced it was the best thing to do. I got to a 120 degree bend and am not totally happy with that so I can't imagine how you can do normal activities with only 95 percent. I still have swelling when I am on it for long periods but for the most part I just tough it out and take short breaks when I can. I can go up the steps normally but going down is another thing entirely. I have some scar tissue that developed and I get a popping when I try to go down normally. I would never attempt steps if I didn't have something to hold onto. I am 57 and a photographer so I need to be able to move around. At times I just feel like a cripple. My doctor told me that the younger you are the harder recovery can be. Older people have been in pain so much longer that to them this feels like heaven. Younger people also tend to have more muscle so they also tend to swell more as well. I have been working to lose weight in hopes of preserving my left knee as well as hopefully helping with the swelling and pain issues in the replacement knee. It is just so frustrating as it makes me feel 100 years old. I just keep praying that everything they are telling me will eventually happen will and that I will be glad I did it but right now it would take an act of congress to get me to go through this again. I am going to do everything in my power to NEVER have to do this again. People who I know that have had the manipulation done say it was a good thing. I have thought about asking to have it done but since I am at the 120 mark they might not do it. I will just keep doing the exercises and praying alot. My therapist had me lay on my stomach and put the loop end of a dog leash on my foot and then pull with the other end as far as I could. This seemed to help and I need to start doing it again but just seem to be to busy for it. It does sound like you have an ass for a doctor. Sometimes they can get very arrogant. I would seek another opinion. Sorry for rambling but like I is 1am and I am kind of frustrated right now. Good luck with your knee.
    simmons1annette replied to suzzie61's response:
    I am 66 and 4 mo. out in my knee replacement. My dr.
    told me the electric shock feelings we get are the nerves
    coming back. That is also why you get the no feeling or
    numbness. It all takes time. I am completely mobile without
    assistance. A little swelling and discomfort if I overdo and
    I am an overdo person! The icing helps 100%. And so does
    my pt and midified yoga each morning. This surgery is a
    complete commitment and some drs. don't express this
    as they should. Be kind to yourself and relax. I had hernia
    surgery a long time ago and remember the shocks at that
    time also. Makes sense.
    JudithKi replied to debbiemc101's response:
    Hi Everyone, I am 52 and my TKR is totally numb on the outside too and has a numb lump and swells. I had it done a year ago this week. I can't kneel let alone climbing ladders. It also clicks, clunks and the kneecap is stuck to the skin. Lots of us seem to have similar problems....
    Bobc811 replied to JudithKi's response:
    Check with your phys therapist who may need to more eextensively manipulate the IT band, femoral tendon and break up the scar tissue. Also, it is very important to work on the knee in between PT visits. The patient must be able to work through the high level of pain associated with the recovery process. If need be, see a pain management clinic for meds, including Lidoderm patches.

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