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    knee replacement nerve damage
    mind_situation posted:
    i had knee replacement [total> done in march 2007. surgery was done on a friday and saturday i got out of bed for the first time. i walked about 50 ft and returned to bed at which time i had the epidural removed from me. that night i took pain meds and went to sleep. i woke up around 7 the next morning in bad pain and was given more meds. around 10 am i tried to get up to walk around and as soon as i put my foot over the edge of the bed it felt like a truck ran over my foot. anyway i could not get up for the next 5 days until they put me in a rehab hospital and got the correct meds in me to control this pain. come out i have nerve damage and have been on methodone for over 2 yrs since the op. had systamatic blocks done and lidocaine infusions as well with no relief. has anyone had anything like this after a total knee replacement? i am told it will not go away and i will have it for life. the pain feels as thought i am walking across a bed of nails.
    annette030 responded:
    I am so sorry you have this complication. I have a friend who had knee surgery who ended up with nerve damage causing foot pain. She goes to pain management for hers, but continues to work. So, you are not the only one. I doubt that is much solace. Are you seeing a pain management specialist? What oral meds are you using? Take care, Annette
    mind_situation responded:
    hi annette, yes i am in pain management and i am on meds. methodone and oxocodone. the methodone works great for the nerve pain however this is a life long sentence so to speak.
    annette030 responded:
    I expect to need life long treatment for my chronic pain also. If I had high blood pressure or diabetes it would also be a life sentence for those kinds of meds. I don't worry about it. Maybe I will get lucky and some researcher will find a cure for what ails me, lol. You might come over to the Pain Management Board and post there also. It is a good group of people. Take care, Annette
    kneehelper responded:
    There are two possibilities. One is that you had damage to the sciatic nerve (or a branch of the nerve) at the time of the surgery (from the epidural, a nerve block, the tourniquet on the leg, or the surgery itself). The other possibility is that you have something called RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) also called CRPS type II. If you have not already, you should see a good pain management specialist. They can sometimes give you medications like Lyrica that can help the pain. Often narcotic pain meds like methadone don't help much. Usually if these pains are going to get better on their own, they get better within about a year.
    mind_situation responded:
    i was on lyrica for 8 months. only thing it did for me is swell up my feet. i am in and have been in pain management since my surgery. i also find that the methodone is the best med for controlling the pain. i have had systematic blocks done and lidocaine infusions as well,nothing has helped.
    HappyBob295 responded:
    Never had this much pain in my life:

    I also had a total left knee replacement in January 2010. The first two to three hours after, everything seemed to be fine and still being somewhat sedated, I didn't feel much pain. But before the night was over, the pain in my leg was over the chart and was given just about everything possible to stop the shooting pain from my upper thigh to my ankle. Even with the pain, I was released from the hospital with two or three scripts for help control the pain that couldn't be explained.

    The doctor/surgeon scheduled therapy to be given at my home. I thought this was great, but during the whole 10 weeks, I never made it through a complete session. I passed out. When I passed out it was mostly from the pain and other times from just pushing too hard.

    The doctor seemed to be surprised and he made me believe that this was something he had never came across in other patients. Well, after attempts at nerve blocks and epidurals, another doctor suggested that I have a trial Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant trial. I did everything required to have the trial, including a session with a Psychiatrist, also required when a controllable implant is planned.

    After answering questions about my ancestors and family, the doctor asked what happened. I repeated the story as the knee surgeon explained it to me... Having my veins harvested for heart surgery some years ago, and foot surgery for a heal spur, and now the knee surgery, the nerves are damaged and that is what happens after so my invasion of the leg. The doctor's reply was: Don't every repeat that story because it makes you sound stupid for believing such a story. I asked what he meant. He said: Well, the surgeon just screwed up you leg and damaged the nerves. I responded without a delay: Will you testify to that? There was silence.
    It is June now and I have just had a Spinal Cord Stimulator by Boston Scientific implanted in my back after the trial was very positive. I would say that I believe this unit will take care of 75-85% of the pain caused by the damaged nerves. I am still in healing period, so I can not lift more than 5 pounds (a gallon of milk weighs about 8 pounds) and also can't twist or bend or raise my arms over my head for a period of time, but I was sure smiling at my 70th birthday party this past week end.

    I carry a remote control that I can readjust the level of stimulation with four channels or areas that can be controlled. I have knee only and knee and hips combined. I plan to have another channel set up for hips only, for when I have to stand and wait while my spouse shops. I love being with her while she is shopping, but my hips seem to tighten up if I stand too long.

    Good luck and read up on the SCS (Spinal Cord Stimulator) I selected the Boston Scientific for the size, the service after and it is one of the smaller units. Maybe nothing is perfect, but this is really close.
    Geradine4733 responded:
    My heart goes out to you that you have this much pain. I had a TKR that turned out well but my back surgery failed, and I am on permanent pain management. This does not take away the pain but lowers it.

    I sincerely hope the medical community can help you. If they can not, you can still have a good life with proper pain management.
    paulallan responded:
    i two had nerve damage after tkr and my pain was the top outside ankle and top outside foot. after 3 months of this pain went to pain management and got some lyrica and has help me to go forward with strengthening the muscle in the leg. also went to a nerulogist to have emg done to see how much nerve damage was done, it came back that the nerve had been compressed and will take time to heal 6 to 12 months. if you go to pm they will hear your pain and know how to treat it. also if a emg doesnt show anything they can give you mri that will tell. hope this helps you.
    mulveyjr replied to paulallan's response:
    I had tkr 8/25/10 and my knee therapy was great I have the optimal flexiblity. However, I can't walk because of nerve damage. My foot is numb and painful if I try to walk. I just started taking Lyrica and hope it will improve. My doctor said this is a conservative approach and wants to hold off on an emg and pain management. I am being watchful for the side effects of Lyrica.
    utsastudent responded:
    I had my knee replacement in Aug 2006. I have the same problem. I have to go see a pain doctor, I have a nerve stimulator in my back, and I have to take pain meds the rest of my life. The stimulator or meds don't work that well but it does take the edge off of it. My doctor has tried different medications but we always have to go back to vicodin. I have taken daloted, kadin, and morphine but vicodin seems to be the only one that helps even just a little. Oh yes, I also have to wear a brace on my knee when I have to do a lot of walking. My doctor has told me that I will be like this the rest of my life. It wakes me in the middle of the night sometimes. There are times I hurt so bad I'm in tears.

    Juanita Skelton
    mind_situation replied to utsastudent's response:
    i am mind-situation. the guy that started this post. now for an update after all this time. i still have major pain in my foot caused by nerve damage. i take 120 mg of methadone a day. it has been increased twice si8nce i started it in 07. this is kind of troulbesome as how long can i go before the methadone does not do the job anymore. i have had everything they could do short of an scs. i had a bad reaction to a lumbar treatment and figured i would stop at that. no more hit or miss stuff. i guess i'll have it for the rest of my life so i have accepted this as my fate and deal with it. i take methadone,oxocodone,and ambien. i never get a full nights sleep. 3-5 hours at a time yet i am always tired from the meds. i have gained 50 pds as well due to being inactive. however,life goes on. my life could be worse. i could have no feet to stand on. or an arm to write with. my wife is the office mang. of a university that deals with ppl with disabling factors. since i met her and the folks involved in cds my mind has been opened to a world i never knew but was next to me everyday. i can,t complian anymor3. i can get out of bed by myself in the morning and stand up. some of my friends can,t. god bless all of them. and to you folks.....happy holidays and a safe new year. god bless all,no matter who your god may be...

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