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    Includes Expert Content
    Double knee replacement recovery time
    oldmanknees posted:
    I am going to have both knees replaced in April. At that time I will be 51. My doctor says 10-12 for recovery. I have always been athletic and plan to work very hard at my rehab. For those of you that have had TKR what can you tell me about the recovery.

    How long in the hospital
    How long in a rehab center
    How long before getting back to semi normal (driving, going out)
    How hard was the rehab to do.
    and I know but must ask how long before you felt like or could have intercourse.

    _swank_ responded:
    Personally, I would never ever do both knees at the same time but that's your decision.

    I was in the hospital for 3 and a half days. I went straight home from there. No need for a rehab center with one knee and someone to help at home.

    I drove in a couple of weeks but it was my left knee so it wasn't an issue.

    Rehab is hard and painful and never really ends.

    I had no real restrictions as far as sex goes except that don't get into any position that hurts. It can be tricky so your partner has to cooperate.

    Reasons I would never do both knees is because of the difficulties doing every day things with just one bad knee. Things like, getting in and out of a car, getting out of a chair or couch, getting up and down on a toilet (get a toilet seat lift). Stairs would be nearly impossible for me. The list goes on. There are a lot of things you do every day that you take for granted and just won't be able to do. My husband went back to work when I was 6 days post-op and I was able to fend for myself at that point.

    All that being said, some people have done both knees at once and wouldn't do it any other way. The surgery is brutal so be prepared.
    Bal M Rajagopalan, MD responded:
    Hi oldmanknees -

    Congratulations on taking the steps to changing your life. Your doctor is correct, 12 weeks is our average recovery number. Your hospital stay will average 2-3 days and your rehab will be 3 - 5 days. The rehab is very challenging for both knees, but being athletic with good muscle strength is so positive for your speed of recovery. As for intercourse, tough question, but it depends on when you are safe to tolerate a certain position for a period of time. Very variable. Doing both knees at the same time is double the time for recovery, but the pros are you have it all done at once.

    - Dr. Raj
    An_245375 responded:
    Was in hospital for five days
    Rehab facility three weeks
    Started driving after six weeks also doing most things that I did before. Going up and down stairs is still painful after two months.
    Rehab is not fun, but very important. So far I've had about six weeks and have probably three weeks to go.
    Had my surgery on Mar. 14, 2012
    kopp1 replied to _swank_'s response:
    I had both knees done at the same time and highly recommend it. Only have to go through the pain and rehab once. It was tough, but definitely worth it!! I'm not sure I would have had the other knee done knowing how much work and pain was involved.
    Mousie61 replied to Bal M Rajagopalan, MD's response:
    thanks Doc that was good to here . I,m going to have both done as well

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