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    Includes Expert Content
    total hip grinding
    mochaoso posted:
    I developed thigh and hip pain months after metal on metal hip replacement. There is a grinding noise from joint with movement is this normal?
    pamelamaunsell responded:
    It is hard to help you with so little detail. How bad is the pain? Where is it located? Is it worse in the morning or with activity?

    But the general answer is not its not usual and there are a range of things that could be causing the pain the only way to find out for sure is to see your doctor and I would urge you to do that quickly. One of the things that might have happened is that you've picked up an infection - this can be serious and needs immediate attention.

    There is an article on hip replacement complications . Which will tell you a bit more about things that can go wrong post-op but only your doctor can tell you for sure what's happened to you.
    mochaoso replied to pamelamaunsell's response:
    I had the DePuy ASR system. I live and a rural area so I travelled 600 mile to the Mayo Clinic to have the surgery done because of their reputation. The surgery and recovery seemed to be flawless.
    I would develop a limp after being really active attributed this to muscles being weakened. I spent the summer pulling trees from shelterbelts this involved a lot of climbing up and down out of a large farm tractor and pulling a chain to hook to trees. My doctor had given clearance for any activity back in December. I have always felt a non painful popping in my hip, but then developed significant sharp pain in my mid thigh similar to when I have broken bones but not as intense, this has continued to the present. I about August I developed sharp pains in front of hip when walking on uneven terrain and have develop a constant dull pain deep in the buttock, I can no longer stand one legged or lead with leg up stairs without pain. I September I got a letter from Mayo Clinic telling me of recall notice.
    I had called my doctor during the summer and told him of the thigh pain he said it could take up to 2 years to be fully recover because of the distance to Mayo I let it go. I asked my wife to listen to hip area when I moved leg she could hear a clicking.
    I finally went Mayo in November they drew blood and took x-rays the doctor did one maneuver of my leg and said it was the psois tendon popping. I was not able to finish telling him symptoms nor did he listen to hip. He sent me to Ultrasound and they injected the tendon with steroid there was only a small amount of fluid. Lab test came back at a level of 2 for metal ions.
    I saw a doctor for an unrelated issue and asked him to listen to hip. He could hear grinding,
    I have since listened with a stethoscope because I can relate sounds to what I feel. I could hear tendon popping and a loud clicking and grinding noise. The joint feels like the joint is moving independently of my movements. Also after surgery I would get a sensation of cold fluid running down outer hip that went away after a few weeks but has now returned. The pain deep in buttock pain is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of a lump.
    I am stuck and do not know what to do ignore everything as it is normal recovery or worry that device is working or failing. Thus I have turned to forums to try and learn.
    _swank_ replied to mochaoso's response:
    I'm confused. If your hip got recalled why have you not made arrangements to have it replaced? What did your doctor say about the recall?
    mochaoso replied to _swank_'s response:
    He did not seem concerned about a revision. Maybe it's only a little over a year old, I feel something is definently wrong and start farming again in April or May so I'm trying to find out more information. I called Mayo back my DR. was out until after New Year. I believe the other Dr. said I.m probably having a leucocyte reaction, but that occurs mainly in Women the don't implant these in women there. He said more blood test after another month or so. I'm running out of time and it seems to gradually becoming worse.
    mochaoso replied to mochaoso's response:
    I'm having surgery on the 11th. I will find out the 10th what will be happening.
    Bal M Rajagopalan, MD responded:
    Hi mochaoso,

    This is not normal. With the issues with metal on metal and ions we have to assume the worst. There are cases with hip and metal ions and loosening. The grinding, in a worst case scenario, means loosening, best case scenario is just the accommodation of where the joint is reforming and fluid has not yet settled. Please go see your doctor and get worked up to rule out the loosening. Thanks!

    - Dr. Raj
    mochaoso replied to Bal M Rajagopalan, MD's response:
    Dr. Raj
    I had surgery Tuesday the 11th. My surgeon said the cup was completly loose. He installed a porcelein ball on original stem with a poylethelyne cup with screws. I had to return to surgery within 24 hrs I was having extreme pain in leg and top of foot
    ct showed screw too long affecting siatic nerve during second surgery they removed cup and reinstalled using shorter screws and removed a hematoma. I now have drop foot, it seems like there has been some slight improvement. I have been fitted for brace and have been wearing a boot while in bed. I will fly home tomorow. The hip seems to be fine now it seems it will be the foot and leg I will have to wait to recover.
    mochaoso replied to mochaoso's response:
    Dr Raj.
    Can a MRI be done to see how much damage was done to nerve?
    mochaoso replied to mochaoso's response:
    There has not been any improvement in ability to move foot or toes 4 weeks after surgery is it unrealistic to hope for a full recovery?
    mochaoso replied to mochaoso's response:
    Had EMG and MRI of Spine. MRI was okay but emg showed that peroneal branch of sciatic nerve was damaged. Neurologist did not seem too hopeful. I will return to her in a year. They have my pain under control for the most part, I'm taking 150mg 3 times a day of Lyrica ,amitriptyline-ketamine-Vanicream ointment to foot and calf 3 times a day and nortiptyline 25mg worked up to 100mg at bedtime. There is just minor pain breakthru. Frm wat I understand these are high doses and might not be tolerated by everyone. Hope this helps.

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