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    I need some help about my hip replacement
    funtobemetoday posted:
    Jan5th i had a hip replacement on the right side,my doctor used a ceramic hip,i went to rehab hospital afterwards,then home,i started to swell from fluid,had aspiration was not an infection was blood and then had second surgery to have a drain put in.sent home still have swelling and so much pain.If i am sitting i have to lean on my left side to much pressure anywhere on my thigh causes me to wince in pain,i even have pain in my backside on the right side.Something is very wrong here and my doctor says he has never seen anyone in this much pain from hip replacement you can see the swell through my pants,plz someone help me with what to do?
    Michael P Bolognesi, MD responded:
    It sounds like you had a hematoma (or blood collection) after the surgery that required you to have to go back to the operating room to have the hematoma removed or washed out. Hopefully the blood removed was analyzed for infection. Any time somone persists with pain after the surgery and is not improving it is important to make sure there is infection present. When I see a patient in your situation I often will draw some labs that can be suggestive of infection and if they are abnomal we often have some fluid taken off the hip with a needle and have it examined for infection. You need to keep an open converstation with your surgeon and make sure you find out what the plan is going foward. There is always the chance that this is just a slow recovery secondary to the fact that you had to have a re-operation shortly after the first operation. Hopefully your surgeon is seeing you more frequently than normal given the tough time you appear to be having.
    Ivoerblue replied to Michael P Bolognesi, MD's response:
    I am 2 weeks out from hip replacement surgery. Everything seems to be going ok except I have a large haematoma on the side of my leg. It looks like a large swelling that makes my figure deformed. I went to my Dr and he told me it was a haematoma and acted like it was nothing. He Mentioned surgery but said he really didn't want to do that. Is this hughness going to disappear by itself? How long is that going to take? I will never be able to get back into my clothes with that. I put heat and cold on the area 4 times a day and massage the area too. I am really worried. When should I insist my Dr take me back to surgery to drain the area? Please ease my mind. Thanks

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