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    post TKR crunching
    mainestay posted:
    I had a total knee replacement of my right knee in December, 2010. The surgery went very smoothly, as did my inpatient rehab and follow-up PT. I was back at work in about 8 weeks, and am very pleased with my return to function, my range of motion, my ability to hike and walk again, the disappearance of sciatic issues on the other side which I think had come from years of misalignment from the knee issues. My one and only concern is that I still get a good deal of "crunching" when I go up stairs and pull up on my right knee. I saw my surgeon who did x-rays and assured me that everything was in place and as it should be. He urged me to keep working on my quads to help the situation. I am wondering if anyone can tell me whether this crunching (sometimes clunking) sound ever goes away. It only occurs when I go up stairs with my knee bent at an angle of more than 90 degrees. It does not hurt, but it is disconcerting, and leaves me worried that something IS wrong. I would appreciate any input on this, as well as suggestions about things I can do, if any. Thanks.
    neehcas responded:
    I have had one knee scoped 5 times and the other replaced. I am currently working on rehab with the replacement. However, I did have "crunching" with the scoped knee and eventually it went away. My physical therapist said it was due to tissue adhering during the healing process. It wasn't really painful just disconcerting and uncomfortable. I am happy to hear that other than that everything went well and that your doctor said everything is as it should be. Hope this helps
    mainestay replied to neehcas's response:
    Dear neehcas, Thank you for your response. It helps me tremendously to just hear that someone else experienced the crunching. And my experience is the same. It isn't painful, just disconcerting and uncomfortable. It helps even more to hear that your PT said it was due to tissue adhering during the healing process AND that it eventually went away. I wish you well with your rehab on your replacement. How long ago did you have it done? Thanks for your support.
    Roon97 responded:
    My TKR was in Jan 2011. Crunching is very bothersom. Doc says it's normal but it feels like something is wearing away. How does high polished meyal and super hard plastic make a crunching/grinding sound and vibration? I am almost fully recovered except for occasional aching.
    SusieBorg responded:
    I had total knee replacement in December 2012. I have knee crunch when rising from a chair and going upstairs. There is no pain and my surgeon says it's the prosthesis rubbing against the patella. He says it's not a problem. I was interested to know if you still gave the 'crunch'? I put my fingers in my ears when I go upstairs!
    Roon97 replied to SusieBorg's response:
    Hi SusieBorg, If your question was addressed to me, yup, I still have the crunch. For some reason that was never made clear to me, my doctor did not replace the patella, so the crunching comes from the contact with the new "parts" and the underside of the patella. I'm figuring that my doc wanted to save any original parts. But I may now have an arthritis issue under there. The crunching is annoying but bearable. The key is to keep those surrounding muscles toned and strong so as to reduce the stress on the contact points.
    But hey, I thank God for the miracle of modern medicine and the skilled doctors that make it happen. No more stabbing knee pain is a good thing.
    LJB1955 responded:

    Had TKR about the same time. CANNOT get good range of motion, still feels like the old knee almost. When I sit on a table or bed, somewhere where I can hang my legs off and swing my leg side to side like a pendulum my knee clicks like it's Morse code. No pain when I do that just only when I breathe (lol). Seriously, still in a lot of pain, can't walk that great, getting out of my truck, please give me a bullet. Somewhat controlled Type2 diabetic. Just gave up, NOT going for another surgery considering I had 2 meniscus surgery's before the TKR. Ughh
    bohunk66 replied to LJB1955's response:
    Ugh, me too. Stryker Triathlon Nov. 2012. Quad flexion, hamsting flexion, stepping up all clunks and clanks. Sitting flflexed, moving back and forth sounds like swinging a bat inside an empty box. Some pain doing all exercises, I am a track coach and try to be very active and in shape. It seems very loose. Anyone else think theirs is loose? Are there inserts or thicker plastic cushions?
    tikka replied to bohunk66's response:
    Your knee may have been recalled. They had problems with the software the surgeons used for that knee. It was recalled this past April, 2013. Look on the FDA website to see if you have the knee that was a problem!

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