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    Multiple knee replacements
    janetph posted:
    Hi, I am a 51 year old female who has had both knees replaced twice in less than two years. The most recent revision in 7/11 is already failing. I can't find anybody to whom this has happened. Is anybody out there with these kinds of problems? Thanks
    cbro62 responded:
    Hi Janet, I have had 2 tkr's with 2 mcl revisions within the last 18 months on the same knee.I am looking at another tkr using a constrained knee in 3/12. No one can seem to tell me why mine are failing also. My condition has to do with my MCL not holding but the cavader tendons have not held either. They tell me that they constrained knee will hold my knee stable however they do not last much more than 5-10yrs. My main concern for me personally is that I have read not to have more than 2 TKR's on the same knee but cannot find out why. I know that I have not given you any answers but just know that you are not alone. I wish you the best of luck and if you find out anything maybe you could pass them on to me.
    janetph replied to cbro62's response:
    Hi! Thanks for your response and yes, it is comforting to know I am not alone but I feel your frustration that I don't have any answers. I will find out on 2/6 whether I can even have another replacement and I will ask about the constrained knee - I've never heard of that. If I get any definitive answers on any of this I'll definitely let you know.
    janetph replied to cbro62's response:
    Hi, Just had my six month follow-up and all is well! I have learned to always keep my knee slightly bent so everything holds together and I don't experience the clunking when I hyper extend my knee. I think I have a constrained knee; I'm not sure what the difference is between that and a hinged knee. Regardless, the third time appears to be a charm and I'll do anything to avoid wearing a brace the rest of my life. I hope you're doing well.
    Qualityman responded:
    I have had a knee replacement and 3 knee revisions on the same knee over the course of 6 years. Each time the implant has come loose. The one in my knee now is loose. But there is no point in another surgery.
    janetph replied to Qualityman's response:
    Not sure about another surgery but I had mine revised again (so one TKR; two revisions) and I have a LOT of hardware now. Rods in both my thigh and calf and a mechanical stop and a reinforcement rod between the two parts - about as thick as my little finger. The point of all of this is this one finally took. I had my last surgery in 3/12 and spent the first three months in an immobilizer. I had to find a surgeon who deals with special needs; all my other surgeons told me there was nothing more they could do. It might be worth if for you to see if there's a specialist in your area. Good luck!
    revmcd responded:
    Hi jane, I am Anna, I originally had orthoscopic surgery on my left knee in feb 2009 which didn't help so I finally had the replacement surgery in August of that same year, 2 weeks after the surgery I all of a sudden started having unbearable pain in that knee. Something moved out of place. The Dr. who did the surgery denied that there was anything wrong so I left and found another Dr who put me in a brace because my knee cap had moved to the side of my leg, in the meantime I wound up with braces on both legs because the other knee had started to turn in towards my left leg. I finally got tired and through my sister-in-law found a great surgeon. His name is James Karegenis and he is with Blue Ridge Bone & Joint. He has operated on that knee that the other doctor messed up 3 more times trying to correct what is wrong but it is not working. However the right knee which he did the first and only surgery on is doing great!! You can't tell from looking or feeling it that it is an artificial knee. I know that he is going to have to do what he has been trying to avoid with the left knee, which is to take that device out and replace it with the right one.

    The artificial knee that is in the bad leg is in two parts and is two long and is causing problems with my back because it has mad one side of my body higher than the other, but the right knee is two parts with hinges joining the top and bottom parts together. This Dr is a Christian and he is also a caring Dr. If you go to him you can be sure that he is very concerned about your suffering and is going to do everything in his power to help you. You don't find many doctors these days that are skilled and caring. Don't know where you are but it would be worth your while to travel to Asheville NC to see him. Ask specifically for Dr Karagenis. Will be praying for you
    janetph replied to revmcd's response:
    Hi Anna, thanks for the referral. I think I'm okay! The last surgery I had on 3/3/12 has held! I"ll keep the name just in case. Hope you're doing well.
    shermg replied to janetph's response:
    I was astounded to see more people like me out there. I've had 6 procedures on my left knee and it is loose again. From orthoscopic, replaced, manipulated, revised 3 more times and now looking at a 4th revision. I switched Drs and like Anna he is trying to correct the others issues plus he had to replace the other and it has been good for three years now. So I've had the femur implant replaced three times and the tibia twice. I now have a "rotating base hinged" knee and it now has "migrated" fancy term to coming loose and is pushing the bone out the side. All this in less that 5 years. I too am looking for a new Dr like a reconstruction revision specialist. I'm only 60 and am very active or was but I try to keep in shape. Sometimes I wish they'd just cut it off and be done with it but that would cause too many other hardships. Anyone have any ideas? Travel is not out of the question either.
    janetph replied to shermg's response:
    Not sure where you live but this guy is a specialist. He did my last revision which has held since 3/12. Ryan Nunley, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 314-747-2500. Good luck! Keep us posted.

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