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    Includes Expert Content
    one year after knee replacement
    ryan40 posted:
    Its been a year today that i had knee replacement surgery. I won't bore you with me journey to this point. My question to anybody who has or is going through my issues. I have really bad tightness still in my knee. the doctor claims my walk is pushing the knee outward and putting stress on my outer ligiments and tendons. The doctor hopes it will adjust in time. I still have issues with steps up and down. I'm on the brink of getting an attorney. Anybody out there hstill have issues a year later.
    friendlyguy55 responded:
    Hi my name is lynn and it's been 1 year and 7 months since my knee replacement.My knee is tight like your and it feels like i
    have this giant rubber band on my knee,its really tight and i lost movement in my knee,i cant hardly bend it.Two months ago my knee broke out with this bad rash and started to swell up
    me and lots of pain.The doctors just tested me for the hardware in my knee and i came out positive and had a severe
    action and broke out all over my arms and back and knee,with lots of inching.Now i have to go back in to surgery to replace the hardware.You should check to see if you are having this problem.Let me know take care
    Bal M Rajagopalan, MD responded:
    Hello Ryan,

    Forget the attorney. Please get a second opinion if you haven't already, as it's now a year out and this is not a complication which will improve on its own.

    _swank_ responded:
    Seriously, I'm not sure what you think an attorney is going to do for you. Complications happen. You better take a look at the consent form you signed before you even think about doing that. Or, as Dr. Raj already said, your time will be better spent getting an opinion from another doctor.
    jinglejl responded:
    The reason I am here is because, after 8 months, my total knee is still stiff and sore. It is also still numb on the right. I did very well during and after surgery. I was at 90 degrees by the 3rd and last day at the hospital. I wasn't on my walker quite a week, then, my cane for a week. I did my PT for a month and continued on my own. UNTIL my other knee got bad and now I have to have that one done as well. My Dr. Is very good and used some new computerized knee. I have been swimming for 3 weeks now thinking that would help but it hasn't. They keep telling me it will take a year but it feels like it's getting worse. Very discouraged! Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Ryan, your case sounds worse than mine. I would be very upset. Good luck!-83D-E0F
    _swank_ replied to jinglejl's response:
    Yes, it can take a year to heal, or more. I'm nearly two years out and mine still gets stiff and sore at times. I figure it's the new normal. I don't have a normal knee and I never will. The one thing that helps is keeping it moving. I can ride a bike or swim and both of those things will help loosen my knee. PT doesn't just go on for a month or two, it's forever.

    The numbness may never go away, you'll just have to learn to live with it. I haven't been able to feel parts of my knee for 40 years because nerves were cut during the first surgery way back when.
    friendlyguy55 replied to _swank_'s response:
    Hello everyone I too dont have feeling on the right side of my knee after surgery,total knee replacement.From day one my
    knee has been real tight too.Iam i and half yrs post surgery,
    The first week after surgery i broke out with severe inching all over my body and everytime i would scratch,it would get
    worse.This happen about 7 different times and the doctors
    gave me some meds.and it went away until 5 months ago,my right knee broke out with a severe rash and my knee swell up on me.The doctors did a skin test and i was negative to
    fungus and was sent to the allergy doc.who did an allergy test
    and they found i was allergic too a metal call magangise which i had only 1% in my hardware.After my allergy test with the
    patch my body broke out all over my body.The doctor give me contol my rash,and when i stop using it i start breaking out all over my body.They did an nucalar bone scan on my right knee and found i have a svere infection inside my bone
    and they say its from the hardware in my knee.Well now i'am on the waiting list to have my knee replace with new hardware.
    They tested me last week to make sure iam not allergic to it,but
    iam fine so they are going to replace my knee with this
    new hardware.I told my doc. about 2 weeks after my first
    surgery if i could be allergic to my first hardware in my knee
    and my doc.told me no,that it is very rear for someone is allergic to their hardware after surgery,well i'am their first
    case and now i have to start all over,thats life and it is better
    now then when i got too old.Take care everyone and remember we are all in the same boat to vegas lol
    chucklopopolo replied to Bal M Rajagopalan, MD's response:
    Doc. Please tell me why my wife after 7 months is still having bad swelling along with 60cc of blood pull out of her leg twice. Her Doc. just said well we weren't prepared for this can you come back in a few weeks and I'll have a game plan. If this continues and him not knowing what to do next, I'm sure looking into a Lawyer. Do you have any help for me to tell her? All we want is her knee better thats It. But he acts like he don't know what to do next.Thanks Just Looking For Some Good Advice.. Chuck
    Bal M Rajagopalan, MD replied to chucklopopolo's response:
    Hello Ryan,

    Realistically 7 months later if she is still having significant swelling, there is likely an issue with stability, loosening or maybe infection. My recommendation is to go get a second opinion. You are right, there is not a normal presentation. Your doctor should be doing tests (blood work, x rays, bone scans) to rule out infection, loosening, etc.

    badknees replied to friendlyguy55's response:
    this is the first person that had described what I am experiencing now 18mths after my tkr on my rght knee every 6 to 8 wks I get ugly discoloration under the skin of my knee its warm to touch & it swells up. My surgeon says my implant is good so he sends me up to dermotology the do skin biopsies put me on antibiotics. Then call 1 week later to say i dont have cellulitis. Its a drug reaction which I think is what they say casue theydon't know what it is. Now
    patriz55 replied to chucklopopolo's response:
    Omg this really sounds like me, I had a lt tkr, in april, after 9mths, it was getting swollen, and painful, I had a cellulitis, and put in the hospital, they took fluid out of my knee, a month later he did a arthroscopy and took a ball of golf size of scar tissue, and cleaned, here I am again, its so tight, its hurts the bad of the knee, and the area how they did the arthroscopy, I feel fluid again, and I am so upset, I can;t take motrin, my stomach goes crazy, my ortho, only gives u pain meds up to 3 mths after surgery, so its been crazy trying to live this way, I use alot of rubs, that I test with, after finding different ones at walgreens, that work for awhile only, what to to? and I have to have the other one done.
    margiem8888 replied to _swank_'s response:
    Boy nearly two years and it doesn't sound too good!

    I had my surgery 9 months ago and the first 7 months the pain was terrible, 8 th month I was doing pretty good. This last month I came down with a sinus infection and strept throat. A week went by before I started taking antibiotics and steroids. I've finished the ten days of meds. And the pain over the last 3 weeks is real bad and i can't walk much even after taking Vicodin. It's not swollen, but it is clicking now. I don't know if it's infected or not. I worry myself sick wondering if it's infected. I don't think I could ever go through such a horrible and painful surgery again.
    Will I go on like this for two years like you?
    margiem8888 replied to Bal M Rajagopalan, MD's response:
    Hello Dr. Raja

    I had my TKR 9 months ago, the first 7 months were terrible, then I had almost 1 month of doing pretty good. One month ago I came down with a sinus infection, and strept throat. I started on antibiotics after a week of infection and being real sick. Then my knee was giving me bad pain and it is hard to walk. The DR put me on stronger antibiotics and steroids. I finished al the meds, but still have bad pain and can hardly walk. Thank God for vicodin!.. There's no swelling, but there is a clicking noise. I want to know is the infection in my knee now?
    Firpo responded:
    It was a year last week since my knee replacement. I had three prior knee surgeries until they said "three strikes you're out"...I cannot sleep at night from knee pain, "charlie horses in calf" pain in thigh, twitching, etc, in leg. Do not know what is going on and do not have money to go back to doctor...
    Firpo replied to _swank_'s response:
    I tried swimming and count not and was devastated! I cannot go to gym and ride a bike...I had three knee surgeries prior to total knee replacement and I believe that the dr. did not take into consideration that I had severe scare tissue. Since I am not working, I have limited funds to pursue any additional assistance. So, my knee that used to cave under me and throw me on the floor is now a knee that does not allow me to sleep at night nor go down stairs like a normal person...

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