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    Includes Expert Content
    one year after knee replacement
    ryan40 posted:
    Its been a year today that i had knee replacement surgery. I won't bore you with me journey to this point. My question to anybody who has or is going through my issues. I have really bad tightness still in my knee. the doctor claims my walk is pushing the knee outward and putting stress on my outer ligiments and tendons. The doctor hopes it will adjust in time. I still have issues with steps up and down. I'm on the brink of getting an attorney. Anybody out there hstill have issues a year later.
    Firpo responded:
    Definitely! Same thing here - year out and can not walk like a normal human being up or down stairs!
    arbob5 replied to Firpo's response:
    As far as swimming goes, I think that was the biggest and most successful part of my rehab after my knee surgery 8 years ago. I had outpatient PT for 6 weeks after my surgery, and one of the last things my therapist told me was "go to a Y and swim and exercise. It will do wonders for you". Well, I did, and while I did very well with the PT after the surgery, the swimming really did accelerate the healing. I am really grateful that the therapist recommended it. And there were other TKR patents at the Y at the same time I was. It works, and while you're exercising in the water, there is no pain at all. Try it if you can.
    Nicelife replied to patriz55's response:
    Hi this is Sam from India, and i had a TKR last May 17th, till now it's fine and i can able to walk for a long distance and can drive a car long distance without any problem.. be happy and leave the worry wat u have...
    Nicelife replied to arbob5's response:
    yes u r right even i'm doing this.. i'm just 31 years old only and i had a TKR last year
    VicandJeff responded:
    I'm in the same boat. It's been over 16 months since my TKR and I'm STILL having problems. Since then I've had to go in and have a "manipulation" done to break up all the scar tissue so I'd have "better bending ability". They put me out and the doctor forced my knee to bend.After that it was a little better. But, to this day I can't be on it for more than 3 hours without it swelling up and throbbing. By the end of the day, I"m icing it and in a lot of pain. I'd just like to know when it's going to get better, and stop swelling? Any ideas, anyone?
    maggie59 responded:
    Hi Ryan its been nearly 15 mths since i had a bi lateral knee replacement done and i still have pain and tightness everyone keeps telling it will get better but i have my doubts. I hate steps specially going down
    magsfirst responded:
    Hi I had my knee replacement November 2011 and I still can't bend it getting up and down stairs is a problem I can't exercise on my bike as I can't bend it that far I am in pain daily feels like tight band across my knee. I now have pain in my hip, lower back and feet my other knee needs to be replaced.I seen my surgeon a few days ago and he told me he had no answers as to why I was in pain and the only option he had was to take it out and start again but I would probably not be able to bend it at all and there was no point in him replaceing the other one as the first was not a success,I was told to go away and think about it then said he would see me in a year. I am not happy with him I have been in pain from day one was told it would take two years for things to settle well time up going back to my Doctor to ask for second opinion.
    percherondad responded:
    I will be a year June 25th and my knee is still tight and has some swelling . Still have stood and bad days have had two cortisone injections to take down swelling. You are not alone in this
    nadeanie replied to friendlyguy55's response:
    I am just 2 months out of knee replacement. I am way stiff around knee and swollen a bit..tightness. The worst is the itching up and down the legs, and now my inside arms and down the middle of my back. So your rash was caused by the hardware...interesting.
    mividaloca70 responded:
    I am 14 months TKR..and I seem to be the exception here. I had my surgery at 40 years old..the first few months were pretty rough, like everyone else. But around 6 months post surgery things started improving. Now here I am over a year later, and a majority of the time I forget I even have a new knee. I returned to my factory job where I stand on concrete 8 hours a day 5 months post- TKR. When the weather gets damp and cold, i have some achiness and a bit of swelling, but ibuprofen takes care of it for me. Stairs are not an issue for me either- I can go up and down without holding on to a handrail. My range of motion is quite close to my non-operated knee. To this day I still do my post-surgery stretches and strength exercises...I feel this has a lot to do with my success. I also use a recumbent exercise bike daily and adjust the angle of the "bend" in my knee to keep the muscles stretched.
    lilycody1 replied to friendlyguy55's response:
    Friendlyguy55, I'm wondering if that's what is happening to me. I had my TKR 3 years ago but lately I've been having problems. About a month ago I was seen in ER for red, swollen, painful knee and was diagnosed with cellulitis. Then this weekend my knee became red, sore, and swollen. Then the next day I have itchy red welts all over and the ER couldn't figure out why. I've had pain and other trouble since the replacement
    ejking replied to friendlyguy55's response:
    I still have stiffness in my knee. ROM is 115. I can go up and down stairs and ride my bicycle. The Dr. Said it could take 18 mos to 2 yrs to go away completely. Some days are worse than others. Damp weather bothers me the most.
    ejking replied to VicandJeff's response:
    I had a manipulation also. I developed a large clot in the muscle next to the nerve. I never had such pain. My ROM went back down to 40. However with hard work I got it back to 115. You have to continually exercise knee. I try to ride my bicycle everyday.
    jrw01121968 replied to Bal M Rajagopalan, MD's response:
    This is an interesting response Dr. Raj ... I am now 15 months out from my TKR. I still experience swelling that won't go away. I've also had a neurectomy which helped with some nerve issues I had post-op. The instability and swelling continue to be my main complaint. I've been strengthing with PT as well. I also know i need to drop weight which will also provide me with some relief. It's hard to drop lbs when it's difficult to move due to the knee though. I'm hoping I'm just a longer heal then most people -- I'm 45 years old and want to be active the rest of my life...thank you for your input.
    moms99gt replied to Bal M Rajagopalan, MD's response:
    I have been for 2 other opinions. Both sucked me for $70.00- 2 visits, go back to your 1st surgeon. Had my replacement 13 months ago. It is obvious to any eye, it is TOO BIG. Pain, swelling, and numbness. As for an attorney, unless you find a doctor who confirms a problem, good luck. Had 2 turn me down without seeing my knee. When I wear shorts, people ask my if I just had my knee done. My next resort, Cleveland or Mayo Clinics. I shouldn't have to live with this. Also found out, if there is a PROBLEM, your 1st surgeon has to repair it for NOTHING !

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