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    NicoleLayne85 posted:
    Hi All!
    I am having this god annoying pain in my lower abdominal area. It's
    this painful pressure, squeezing, pulling feeling. (hard to describe)
    This feeling doesn't happen all the time it's off and on and doesn't have any patterns for when it happens.
    I've been trying to do my own research because I've been to two doctors and they say "everything looks good" But everything isn't good. Well I read that Lupus can have abdominal pain so i was wondering if any of you have this similar pain.
    I also have this rash on my right hand on my knuckles it hurts and is rough.
    I had this really bad full body break out a while back which the doctor gave me antibiotics and it went away (I don't think this could be a sign of lupus).
    Last month my boyfriend pointed out to me that my arm pits looked bruised.

    If anyone is having this similar symptoms please let me know, or if this could sound like lupus.

    Thank you!!
    allie_bf responded:
    It doesn't sound like it's lupus related. Lupus can cause abdominal pain, but more often than not, it's related to side effects of medications (e.g. gastritis and reflux from steroids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories or diarrhea from antimalarials.) Lupus can be more directly responsible for pancreatitis, cirrhosis or abdominal vasculitis, but those tend show up more more dramatically, and wouldn't leave your MD's saying that everything "looks good." All of that is not to say that you shouldn't get the pain checked out, if it continues, just that it's more likely to be related to some other problem than lupus. It would probably also be worth checking out any further spontaneous bruising.
    jessi19661 responded:
    Hi there. I could be way off, but 2 things come to mind regarding ur abdominal pain. I have large fibroids (uterine) and that really fits ur description, ur Dr can order a sonagram to tell, or as with mine, they are easily detected by my Dr in a regular pelvic exam. They feel like a "pulling" or twisting sometimes and can be horribly painful.

    I was set to have hysterectomy due to this, and it was controlling my life, long hard and painful periods, and coming every 2 wks. Once I went on lupus treatment with Plaquenil and Prednisone, my symptoms have gone from extreme to bearable. Dont let a Dr (especially a MALE Dr) talk u into hysterectomy, there are many other and better options. Birth control pills often solve these issues. But I am too old and a smoker so not an option for me.

    The other thing I was thinking is maybe diverticulitis, which I have now. But u would prolly have diarrhea or some change in bowel habits and feel sick.

    Or it could be an ovary w cyst, anything really. See ur Dr again.
    NicoleLayne85 replied to jessi19661's response:
    Thank You Jessi,
    I have been to 3 doctors and they have don't Ultrasounds, CT, Pelvic exam and all came back normal.
    I don't think its any of those.
    Lupylisa44 responded:
    Have you been diagnosed with lupus? Is your paint on one side or does it move around? If it is on one side, which one? Do you still have your appendix?

    The reason I ask is because I had something like 9 appendicitis attacks over several years and the doctors kept ruling it out because my white count wasn't elevated. That was before I knew I had lupus. My normal white count was very low. So an elevated white count for me was what a non- lupus persons would be normally. I finally got my appendix out a year after my diagnosis. (I also grabbed the doctor by his tie, pulled him toward me and threatened the his life if he didn't take it out) Turns out it was an appendicits with complications! It was entangled in my intestines and about to burst! Thank goodness they got it out in time!

    NicoleLayne85 replied to Lupylisa44's response:
    I have not been diagnosed with Lupus, actually i have not been diagnosed with anything. I have been told its not fibroids, not Endometriosis and everything looks good. I've have pain in the center and it does not move around. I do still have my appendix.

    I also have ovarian cysts but they come and go and when the doctor did a Ultrasound they were not there. So i don't believe its them.

    Last time I went to the doctor (OB-GYN) I've had red blood cells in my urine.

    That you for the time.

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