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    Includes Expert Content
    Welcome Dr. Zelman
    Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
    It is with great excitement that I introduce to you our new Health Expert on the Lupus Exchange. Dr. Zelman.

    I know many of you have been hoping we'd get a Health Expert here and I was just informed that we have one. Please help me make Dr. Zelman feel welcome!

    K2isKsquared responded:
    Welcome Dr. Zelman! We are delighted to have you as the Health Expert on our Exchange!

    Thank you so much for being willing to help us with our questions.


    debw216 responded:
    Yippee! Welcome Dr. Zelman!!

    DebW : )
    lisaisweavebee responded:
    Whoo Hoo!!! Welcome Dr. Zelman!! Thank you so much for your time!

    lupyk8t responded:
    Wow that's great! Welcome Dr Zelman.
    HG1948 responded:
    Thank you for agreeing too help us. Welcome to our group.

    HG1948 replied to HG1948's response:
    Thank you for agreeing to help us, is what I meant to type. Still not sure if I spelled "agreeing" correctly. (LOL)....One again, I want you to know that I'm thrilled you are going to share your knowledge with us.

    David Zelman, MD responded:
    Thanks for the warm welcome. Relying on a long career in clinical practice I hope to educate you about SLE and by doing so make you a more educated consumer of the care you receive. Remember though it is a supplement to your more important interaction with your treating physician. So let's get started...
    chrismcg responded:
    oh yay! warm welcome to you Dr. Zelman-since i can't afford to see my rheumy as much as i'd like (no health insurance-long story...) this website is proving really useful- thanks to one and all! chrismcg
    K2isKsquared replied to David Zelman, MD's response:
    Dr. Zelman,

    I'm not usually first at bat, but I'll take a swing here.

    I'm 49 and I developed SLE and RA at age 35, with a sidecar of Hashimotos and Sjogrens. Recently I began noticing the classic numbness and color discoloration of Raynauds in my fingers (white, red, blue).

    My question isn't so much for me, but for my daughter, who at age 22 who has recently also developed Raynauds.

    What are your thoughts on her tendencies to follow her Mama down some of the more undesirable roads, here?

    Thanks for your input,

    PR371 replied to K2isKsquared's response:
    I second this post! Sincerest thanks for your time and expertise, Dr. Zelman!
    David Zelman, MD replied to K2isKsquared's response:
    There is some tendency for autoimmune disease ( such as you have) to cluster in families. If your daughter has raynaud's she should be evaluated by a rheumatologist ( preferably).
    David Zelman, MD
    lisaisweavebee replied to David Zelman, MD's response:
    Dr. Zelman,

    I am curious about drug induced Lupus. I have been on a beta blocker for almost 30 straight years. I have read that beta blockers can cause lupus symptoms. I am presently trying to wean myself off the drug Toprol to see what happens. Problem is, I can't find specific information on drug induced lupus. Would drug induced lupus cause a person to have abnormal labs - ie. ds-DNA or other labs - or would it only cause symptoms - ie malar rash, hair loss...?

    Thank you for any info. you can give,

    debw216 replied to David Zelman, MD's response:
    Hi Dr. Zelman!

    Is it possible to be in a flare and still have your bloodwork say ANA negative? Also, what is the norm for flares? How long do they usually last? And what is the normal length of time for between flares.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes, I'll go into a flare and it will last anywhere between 2 to 6-7 days. Then I'll go a week or so, and then I'll have another one. But during that "off" time, I still suffer from extreme fatigue, pain and low grade fevers. Also I have never suffered from actual joint pain,(although sometimes my hands/finger throb) but rather, I feel as if I have the flu all of the time, body aches...etc. But when I go into a flare, I sometimes get sores in my mouth and the pain (whole body throbs like a toothache) and fever is more severe.

    A little history about me.... Diagnosed in 1991 via biopsy and history of symptoms. CNS involvement (stroke also in 1991) and now have TIA's. I have seen the same Dr. for 24 years and just now, going to see a Rheumy on March 30th. I did see a Rheumy years ago, and was told that I didnt have Systemic Lupus because my ANA was negative. So, I went right back to my family Dr and have seen her ever since.

    I take Plaquenil, pain meds and Medrol dose pak as needed, when my flares get really bad. I also have fibro and vasculites. And on occasion, my ANA does register positive.

    I know every Lupie is different, but I've noticed after reading the boards that my symptoms (length of flares, joint pain...etc) are very different from others. Any thoughts?

    Thank you so much for you time!! I am so happy you are here to help us!

    Lupylisa44 responded:
    Welcome to the Wolfpack Dr. Zelman!!! It's great to have you here!!!


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