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    Vegan Diets for Lupus treatment
    Vegreen posted:
    Has anyone tried a vegan or vegitarian diet to help treat their lupus? I read a book last night that suggests eating only raw and whole foods can tremendously help the symptoms of lupus. What do you all think?

    This would be terribly hard for me!!
    K2isKsquared responded:
    I think if becoming a vegetarian actually helped cure Lupus we would all be very strict plant eaters.

    We had a Board member here years ago that had been treated for Lupus for years. Her diagnosis was corrected to Celiac Disease, and she immediately eliminated gluten (wheat products) from her diet and she felt soooooooooo much better!

    So I wonder if people who swear by this or that diet maybe have something non-lupus going on that is making them sick.

    There are some "natural" Lupus "cures" that can really hurt us but it's not unhealthy or harmful to become a vegetarian, and there are Lupus patients who are vegetarian.

    This diet would be hard for me, too, so I'm not one of them ;-)

    Good Luck,


    squirmy1963 responded:
    natural foods are better than processed foods for everybody, as well as, a low fat high fiber diet.

    I try to stick with Chicken, Fish, and lean red meats, for the nutrients I need.

    To eliminate all meat or animal products would be difficult, but I would do it, if I really believed it would "tremendously help" me.

    It's funny, people are always trying to give me advice on how to get a stronger immune system. If they only understood that I am taking major drugs to suppress the immune system, but lots just don't get it.

    There are even some vitamins that I am to avoid because of certain blood disorders I have.
    Lupylisa44 responded:
    Hi and Welcome!!!

    I agree with K2! I have had lupus for 26 years and have tried just about everything out there. My motto is "if it can't hurt me, I'll try it!" Eating raw foods especially meat, and fish (sushi/sashimi) can be a very bad thing. If there are certain bacteria in the food, it could invade your body and make you very sick especially if you are immunosuppressed.

    I try to eat well. I try to stick with healthy whole grains and avoid sugar and processed foods. (I don't eat anything that comes out of a box) I also stay away from partially hydrogenated oil of any kind.


    If there was a cure for lupus believe me, I would be one of the first to know it!!!
    shannielee74 responded:
    I can't see how going vegan would help. However, through the help of my boss (who is a registered dietician) I have managed to map out a diet that so far seems to be helping me. I have cut down significantly on red meat. I now use ground turkey in place of ground beef for tacos, meat sauce, and even use some ground turkey in my meatloaf.
    Added to that are the fruits and veggies that are high in antioxidants. The dark berries, pomegranets, winter squash, spinach, and such. I have noticed an improvement in my energy levels. I have slowly changed my eating habits and that is working better than an abrupt shift. I have always preferred whole grain foods to refined, so that wasn't much of a change for me.
    Basically it is a low fat, high antioxidant diet.
    cmhllama responded:
    What book was it? I'm vegan so I'm already sold on all the benefits of a vegan diet. My sister, though, has lupus and eats meat. However, she is not at all picky and always open to trying my vegan food. I give her little to no leafy greens, though, because she is still on a blood thinner.

    When you look at the structure of a human's digestive system, we are definitely supposed to eat a plant-based diet! The more I research, the more it seems to me that meat is way more "extreme" for humans than a bunch of plants.

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