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    Heat Sickness
    paridise posted:
    Hi Lupies, I have noticed for the last year I can not take the heat at all. If I get over heated just the least bit I get very sick. has or does anyone else have this problem? It seems to be getting worse for me everyday.
    cherylbugg responded:
    YES!!..I do! caused a flare with me in my joint's it's much advised to stay out in high temp's.. hope this helped!
    pugpuppy responded:
    Yes!!! real bad it makes me sick and sucks the energy out of me! yet if its to cold and damp it kills me with pain! What do we do....I know biuld our own island with temp controle and live like queens!!!!!!!!!!!! and have all the Dr.'s who treated us bad be at our beck and call!! Sound like a great life?? Yah I know get back to the real world, but it sounds great rite???

    Have a great day
    waves of hugs
    allie_bf responded:
    Yes, it's been hard since this summer just won't quit. Mid September and it's still in the 90s...enough already. I also have Sjogren's so I try not to get dehydrated, but it's hard to do in this weather. Just staying out of the sun during peak periods and drinking a lot of fluids helps, but I'm ready for cooler weather.
    paridise replied to pugpuppy's response:
    I love the thought of the Dr.'s being at our beck and call and us living like queens. That's the least they can do for treating us so bad!!! ha ha lol. Jokes a side, even doing a little house work and I get real hot where the sweat just pores off me. I will have to wipe down with a cold wash rag and lay down in front of a fan. Does this happen to you? I wonder if it happens to anyone else?
    paridise replied to allie_bf's response:
    Do you get to hot just doing a very little bit of house work?
    paridise replied to cherylbugg's response:
    Was the flare a real bad one and how long did it last? Do you get really hot just doing a little bit of house work?
    cherylbugg replied to paridise's response:
    Im still flared up! trying to get the meds right my joints are killing me! i get hot when slpeeping and night sweats! have you had your hormones checked? for menapause?
    paridise replied to cherylbugg's response:
    I had surgery to take care of that. I have been on hormones for years and just had my hormone level checked a couple months ago. It came back normal. I wish I knew what this was. Thanks for caring!!
    wanderer0812 responded:
    i have problems with high temps too, even if i'm just a little to hot i get really nauseous. i find staying hydrated helps a lot, i carry a water bottle with me everywhere i go.
    paridise replied to wanderer0812's response:
    I will try that and see if it helps..thanks
    pugpuppy replied to paridise's response:
    Hi paridise hope your sleep study wet well, yes i have the same issue i feel like I am standing under one of those heat lamps when I get to cleanig house exs. I just do a little then rest it takes a while but I get it done
    The prednisone makes it worse for me.
    I sweat at night as well, it sucks but I am learning to live with it.

    I was told to up my Gab. to 1800 mg. hope i works I know that I will probably have to live with some pain but I don't want any, tierd of hurting so hope it helps;o)
    wanderer0812 replied to paridise's response:
    I hope it does!
    paridise replied to pugpuppy's response:
    Can you believe any other time I go right off to sleep even though I will only sleep for two hours at a time. The night of my sleep study I went to bed at 10:00 pm and was still awake at 1:00 am. I finally did get about 3 hrs of sleep, but what a horrable night!!!!! I will be very interested to find out the results of this test.

    One thing that does concern me is, for the past 2 days I have had a really bad sore throat and feels like my chest is on fire. This scares me, because this is what landed me in the hospital back in April. I'm going to call my Dr's office this morning and see what they say.

    I'm glad they raised your medicine, now maybe you will start to feel a little better. Take care!
    pugpuppy replied to paridise's response:
    I hope that the Dr. will see you today that is not good!!! Best to do it befor the weekend for sure. Let us know what the Dr. says. Did you get the flu shot? i know i need to I didn't last yr. and was real sick.
    waves of hugs

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