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    cold sores inside your mouth (oral ulcers)
    llama33 posted:
    Hi Guys -
    it's my first time on this forum or any lupus forum, so i'm really excited to get your advice. I get oral ulcers in my mouth and throat every time whenever i get even the smallest flare. Do any of you get them and if so have you found anything that works?
    redwingfan2010 responded:
    I get them on the sides of my tongue (painful little buggers). I always just dealt with them until they went away (most would last just a couple days).

    About 2 1/2 months ago, my Rheum added Quinacrine (antimalarial) to the Plaquenil I was already taking. In those 10 weeks, I've only had 2 mouth sores (1 was food related- ate something acidic and it bothered me). But both mouth sores lasted just a few hours, then disappeared.

    I have heard of others who use a liquid med that you swish around in your mouth - supposed to help heal the lesions plus make you more comfortable. I've never tried it, but others say it helps.

    Has your doc ever given anything for them? If not, I'd discuss it with him/her.
    llama33 replied to redwingfan2010's response:
    Thank you so much for responding, i have 6 in my mouth right now and i'm so uncomfortable.

    i'm so grateful for your help, i pretend nothing is wrong to everyone but it hurts just to talk.

    I am going to ask my Rheum about Quinacrine.

    You're so lucky you got yours to go away, I hate them!!
    redwingfan2010 replied to llama33's response:
    6 would be torture... I only got them one or two at a time - they looked like little blisters.

    My suggestion would be for you to call your Rheum (or your internist), tell him/her about the mouth sores and see if they can phone in a prescription for a med to help get rid of those now... then discuss other options at your next visit.

    There's no need to suffer... your docs can help you, but you have to let them know there's a problem.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
    jessi19661 responded:
    My doc always checks inside my mouth, but I am not sure if I have them or not. I do get thrush. I dont know if that is the same thing, but it makes tongue and mouth really sore. The liquid redwing might be talking about is Nystatin rinse. My Dr gives me that and it works well.
    I do get sores in my nose too. Neosporin ointment (over the counter) is what works for those for me.

    Maybe call your doc and ask. Hope this helps, jessi
    llama33 replied to jessi19661's response:
    Oh great I'll try Nystatin rinse.
    I also get them in my nose, but they're less painful, thank god!

    Thanks for encouraging me to call my doctor, I'll do it tomorrow, I promise.

    I usually try to ignore the pain and push through, probably similar to all of you in this group.

    Since things come up so much, feeling exhausted etc, i just try to suck it up and not complain.

    But I'll call in the morning and see what they can do. Your suggestions really help because in the past when i've brought this up my doctor has said he doesn't know how to this will give us somewhere to start.

    You guys are the best, I really do feel so much better and so excited just to share with someone.

    Hope you're doing well!!
    TXDIYGal replied to llama33's response:
    There is a product called Orabase Soothe and Seal that works really well on the mouth sores. It actually seals the sore and prevents it from being continuously irritated. It also helps with the pain. I think it is put out by Colgate. I use a prescription ointment for the sores in my nose (I get them all the time), called Mupiricine. It works great and actually works much better than triple antibiotic ointment.I was put on that because I get sinus infections very easily and they were trying to ensure the infections weren't due to both bacteria or fungal infections and I guess the Mupiricine works on both. I use the ointment before bed at night. I also use saline spray a couple times a day to keep my passages clear and clean. Hope this helps!

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