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    Quick remedy
    pensivepurplebutterfly posted:
    Any suggestions or tips for horrible neck and shoulder pain...i tried hot showers and it works temporarily...but the pain comes back. Especially in the night making it hard to sleep. Thanks
    allie_bf responded:
    I wish that I could have found a quick answer. I had horrible neck and shoulder pain that radiated down my left arm, but had a great response after my cervical epidural injections (x2.) I had to show 4 weeks of failed physical therapy first though so my recommendation to you (especially if you have commercial insurance) would be to see your MD and a physical therapist to get started on PT exercises early to "start the clock" so that you don't have to wait any longer than necessary. If you are lucky, the PT exercises alone may be sufficient. In fact, I still do them today so that I don't end up in the same spot down the road.
    Vegreen replied to allie_bf's response:
    I also get the neck and shoulder pain mostly on my right side. My rhuemy is giving me the generic forms of vicatin and flexeril to take before I go to bed. It does help me get some sleep and then I have a heating pad that I put on my back and shoulder before I go to bed also seems to help!

    Good luck hope this helps some
    pensivepurplebutterfly responded:
    I have not tried PT yet.. but i may have to resort to it. I think it also may be how i sleep, my left shoulder always hurts and "cracks" when i make rotating circles with my arms. I mentioned to my rheumatologist that it has been hurting more frequently but he said that the chem treatment i just began should "clear" up the lupus flare up symptoms i have. Wish the whole disease can be cleared away.... :/
    FibroMitz replied to pensivepurplebutterfly's response:
    Greetings "PPB": I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia maybe a year and a half ago. I decided to check out this community just to see. I come upon your discussion and I noticed that I have a few similarities as you. My RIGHT shoulder is ALWAYS in pain. I can't pour milk and sugar very well because I can only life my arm so high then it gives me a sharp pain in the shoulder. This pain has never gone away or doesn't seem to be getting better. My shoulder also makes the same cracks and crunching sounds. I was wondering of you have pain in the joints of your fingers? I've noticed that my right pinky is always tender and my thumb joints. I'm just wondering if I have this condition-ON TOP-of my fibro?
    If anyone else can relate or has some info for me, please do not hesitate to respond. Thank you so much!
    FibroMitz replied to FibroMitz's response:
    If anyone can give SOME information on what's going on with me, I'd greatly appreciate it! Anyone here have fibro ON TOP of their Lupus?
    Thanx so much! -Mitz-
    jessi19661 replied to FibroMitz's response:
    Hi Mitz, and everyone else. I do have a very bad case of fibro on top of lupus and spinal arthritis. I would suggest getting a referral to a neurosurgeon or ortho spine surgeon/specialist to have MRI done of the neck. These symptoms I had for many years then one day they came severe and never got better. I had arthitis and spinal stenosis in my neck and injections, meds, PT, nothing helped. I had to have a two level fusion surgery at C5-6, and C6-7. I had the same symptoms. Also your shoulder could be rotator cuff tendonitis, I have that to and cannot rotate my left shoulder at all. Injetions do help that for me. But a lot of the pain could be pinched nerves in your neck, or spinal cord could be pinched like mine was. Google spinal stenosis, cervical. Spine universe is also a good site to visit. I hope this helps some. I still have problems because mine is arthritis and it is degenerative so it continues to get worse. Better to get to a surgeon for diagnosis and care plan sooner than later to maybe avoid surgery. Getting the muscles strong is important but a sureon is best to say what to do. Going to surgeon does NOT mean surery, they are the best experts to tell you what to do. Surgery is always LAST resort, and if surgery-get 3 opinions.
    pensivepurplebutterfly replied to FibroMitz's response:
    hi, i am diagnosed with lupus. i dont experience noticeable joint pain on the fingers. mostly neck and shoulder pain. i have experienced one or more fingers cramping for a couple of seconds.(similar to when you stretch ypur toes and may experience a cramping that the toes get stuck in the position.
    gringa1 replied to pensivepurplebutterfly's response:
    Good morning everyone, I've been diagnosed with lupus, fibro, samething having severe pain on neck and shoulder to the point where my arms and fingers would go numb. My primary doctor put me on cymbalta, she said they found it works for fibromyalgia and let me tell you I got such relief and pretty quick to. I was a bit leery about taking cymbalta, then I thought what the heck, it's worth a try. Today I'm doing so much better. I would suggest to give it a try. Bertie

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