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    Plaquenil and eye exams
    allie_bf posted:
    For the last few years, my rheumagologist and opthamologist have disagreed on the frequency for eye exams: my opthamologist says every year is sufficient, but my rheumatologist still insists every 6 months is what should be done. Since I am getting this done yearly, my rheumatologist will keep writing the rx, but she thinks that I should check with another opthamologist. Actually, I did, and that opthamologist agrees with the first one, but I've talked with another rheumalogist, and she agrees with the every 6 months guideline. What is everyone else hearing about this topic? It seems to have come up fairly recently, as I had been doing the more frequent exams until 2009.
    shannielee74 responded:
    Both my rheumatologist and opthamologist recommended exams every 6mo for the first year I was on plaquenil. Now I just go yearly to have my eyes checked. Also, my rhuemy said any time he makes an adjustment to my plaquenil that I'll need an eye exam within 6mo just to make sure nothing has changed.
    Good luck!
    ~~~Life is what happens when your busy making other plans...John Lennon~~~
    Lupylisa44 replied to shannielee74's response:
    I have been on plaquenil for 27 years. I got eye exams every 6 months for many years but my opthamologist now thinks once a year is ok since I have gone so long with no problems. If it were me, I would get them every six months for the first five years then re-evaluate after that.

    With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
    anowlin responded:
    I've been on Plaquenil and follow the 6 months peripheral vision test. However, about 3 months ago, my rheumie decreased my Plaquenil from 200 mg BID to 200 mg daily.

    I thought Plaquenil was good for it's cardio-protective benefits and I'll talk to my rheumie about my concerns that I should go back to the BID dosing.. Does anyone have any input?
    Octoberschild responded:
    My dermatologist that writes my RX for the plaquenil said I should do it every 6 months. Her husband who is my ophthalmologist says once a year is sufficient with the dose of 2 a day. My rheumy goes along with whatever my dermatologist wants. Then my dermatologist will ask if I'm getting my eyes checked every 6 months, and I always chuckle and say "No your nice husband said I only need it done once a year." lol Then she goes along with him. All very confusing at times! I trust my doctors and feel they know best. I just had an extensive test done in June on my eyes. Not only did they check for the retina poisoning but also check visual fields. Totally different test then my normal vision check up. My doctor said with the amount of time I've now been on Plaquenil, I needed to have this other testing done. Can't recall what he said they were checking for. Darn Lupus fog! lol

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