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    Severe Leg Cramp(s)
    2bblessed2 posted:
    Any insight to this??? The other day I woke up & my left calf muscle seized up extremely hard. I was in excruciating pain and had to call for my husband to try to help the muscle release. After 1+ minutes, it finally gave & that little episode took so much out of me, it felt like I had worked out. I immediately fell asleep for about 40 minutes. When I awoke, my left calf muscle was painfully sore for most of the day and has remained sore since that time (going on 5 days now). This is very weird & I'm at a loss as to what's going on.
    lupylisa44 responded:

    That sounds extremely painfful!!! Are you staying well hydrated? I get muscle cramps mostly when I am dehydrated.

    With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
    MIBeth responded:
    Lisa is right! Drink, drink and then drink some more. I used to get cramps up the fronts of my ankles (weird) where I couldn't stand on them. I would just have to lay there in tears and wait until they went away. Also, always have bananas on hand. My mom used to tell me to eat a banana every day, and you know what, the potassium does help with the cramps!
    1stLadyDi replied to lupylisa44's response:
    I believe that I stay pretty hydrated most of the time. Typically, all I drink is water all day long.
    1stLadyDi replied to MIBeth's response:
    I will continue to drink & work on the banana thing. I attempt to keep some in the house, but the malefactors in my home usually consume them before I get to them. :0( Thanks for the advice.
    teriboring responded:
    hi, i go through the same thing & i was eventually diagnosed with diabetes, the cramping i was had was due to the fact that i the diabetes made me dehydrated which caused the cramps. you may want to get yourself checked for diabetes.
    lupylisa44 replied to 1stLadyDi's response:
    Have you had your thyroid checked? Hypothyroidism can also be a cause of leg cramps. HyHypothyroidism is common in people with lupus. So you may want to get that checked out.

    In addition to dehydration and low potassium, leg cramps can also be caused by magnesium deficiency.

    My dad gets really bad leg cramps and was told by his doctor to take quinine and drink fresh squeezed orange juice. Orange juice provides several nutrients appropriate for the prevention and treatment of muscle cramps such as sodium, potassium, magnesium. Quinine used to be available over-the-counter, but has since been banned for OTC purchase by the FDA.

    Here are some links about leg cramps that may help you:

    With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
    raddoe responded:
    I started getting muscle cramps in November 2009 that was my first clue that something was not right. I get them everywhere arms, hands, legs, feet, etc. and all I drink is water all day every day. In the morning I'll have milk with my cereal but otherwise water is all I have so I know that isn't causing the problem.

    I was only dx with Lupus in August so far I've only taken the Medrol pack twice to help with the joint pain. I normally only get the muscle pain in the winter, but will sometimes have them in the summer if a storm is approaching. I'm hoping my Rheumy gets me started on something soon that will help with the muscle cramps because they are horrible and can occur at any time and stop me in my tracks. I even had to pull off the road one day while driving.

    Mention them to your Rheumy and ask if there is anything they can give you for them. I plan on asking again when I go back for my next appt.

    Take care,
    1stLadyDi replied to raddoe's response:
    Thank you. I will check him.
    1stLadyDi replied to lupylisa44's response:
    Thank you, Lisa. I really appreciate all of the resources you share. Take care of yourself.
    undefined responded:
    I have lupus, RA, fibromyalgia, other auto-immune diseases and heart disease. I began having extremely painful leg muscle cramps couple years ago at night. Now, having them throughout the day and night. The muscles in my leg stretch, twist, cause horrible pain and paralyze me. Can't move until the cramps stop. Muscles in my hands, feet and toes are now cramping and I have swollen area on side of foot. My hands are swollen and stiff, hurt and have little grip. Don't have diabetes and drink plenty of water. Any ideas? Seeing doctor this coming week.
    yvern responded:
    This is also happening to me. I have lupus fibro Ra osteo arthritis and sjogrens
    yvern replied to yvern's response:
    Also I drink plenty of water only water to be exact I take potassium and B-12 also on 50000 vitamin D2

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