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    Chest pain
    5pandas posted:
    I've had Lupus for about 5 years maybe more. I've been having chest pain for about 2 months now. I've been to the ER 5 times within the last 2 months. They do they same tests, x-ray of chest, blood work EKG and all tests come back normal. My chest feels like someone is sitting on me, I lost my voice and I'm short of breath all the time. I can't stand the pain! I was given a Nebulizer which doesn't seem to help. According to the x-rays my chest is fine. Anyone else having this problem? The last visit to the ER made me so angry because I think the staff thinks it's all in my head and they had me waiting longer than usual to be seen.
    arm50 responded:
    Oh, I completely understand your feelings. I, too, have been having chest pain for about a month now. I went to my Rheumy and he used the stethascope to check my hearbeats, and said he thinks its anxiety.

    So I went to a different Rheumy a week later for a 2nd opinion"026..he has sent me for more blood work (finally!). Also suggested I start on Planequil and see how that goes for the next 6 weeks.

    Last year I went to the ER for the chest pain"026.there was pain, pressure, shortness of breath, fatigue and awful joint pain"026and I was left in the hospital for 4 days. They did all sorts of cardiac tests — looking for heart problems. After 4 days they let me go home with no idea why I had this pain. This year is when my pain and fatigue got worse and I found out that my ANA is positive.

    Tomorrow I will get another set of blood work done (thanks to my 2nd doctor)"026..god willing, it will help find answers to my chest pain....maybe finally get the "lupus" diagnosis. I certainly don't want that,,,,just answers to my pain.

    Clearly, you have something going on,,,,you may need a new doctor for a 2nd opinion. My best wishes to you — just know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
    candi619 responded:
    It's called Pleurisy. I'm dealing with it right now.. Its when the lining of your chest/lungs are inflamed they rub together creating pain and making it really hard to breathe. Mine was caused by getting pneumonia.. but I had it before in April too. was treated with iburpofin then.. but this time the pain was a lot more intense I was treated with oxycodone which didn't seem to help much either.. it can take some people anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to completely get rid of it.. I have been to the ER twice this month for it I thought I was dying scary feeling when you can't breathe and when you do breathe it hurts like hell! feel better!
    Anon_2712 replied to arm50's response:
    I had the same problem before I started Plaquenil. After several failed workups for chest pain, I was getting as frustrated as the cardiologists probably were, but the anti-inflammatories and the Plaquenil saved the day. Keep in mind that when you are in the ER, the docs are really only looking at immediately life threatening problems, mostly of the cardiovascular nature (i.e. do you have a bloot clot that is going to clog your heart or your brain?) They are generally not looking at inflammatory problems like pericarditis, unless they think it's causing a major buildup of fluid around your heart, which is (once again) going to cause an immediate problem. They also have an idea of what pericarditis feels like that is totally at odds with what it actually does feel like for most people: most people feel like it's a heaviness in the chest, and the doctors are thinking that it feels more like a sharp pain. The sharp pain phase does come later, as the inflammation resolves, but when lupus or RA patients complain of a chest heaviness, a cardiovascular workup is done, and it usually doesn't yield the expected result, and the person may be "written off" as having anxiety attacks (or, worse yet, faking their symptoms.)

    That's not to say that a chest pain workup shouldn't be done, only that the investigation and treatment shouldn't stop when no cardiovascular cause is found because the cause of the pain may lie elsewhere. Anyway, after all of that, make sure your rheumatologist knows what's going on with your chest pain so that he/she can do an in-depth assessment, and catch the problems that the ER doctors might be missing.
    leecat41 replied to candi619's response:
    I have a pricking sensation, not full blown pain. Could that be the same?
    To do what is right is not always easy, to do what is easy is not always right.
    allie_bf replied to leecat41's response:
    With pleurisy, it's the timing that matters. People can feel pain differently, but when there's a (usually sharp) pain at the end of inspiration, it's likely to be pleurisy. Unfortunately, that pain is likely to make you breathe shallowly for days to weeks, and then you can end up with other problems (e.g. bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.) Typically, pleurisy also comes at the end of an earlier cold, or other infection. Pleurisy can be treated with nonsteroidals, like Motrin, but often a short course of an oral steroid (like prednisone) is used.
    candi619 replied to leecat41's response:
    I've never experienced a prickly sensation mine is really sharp and sometimes if I'm yawning, sneezing or take to deep of breath I feel like I've been punched.. not a good feeling at all. my pleurisy came after getting pneumonia last month and I'm still dealing with the pain.. really bad at night and the oxycodone doesn't even touch the pain..

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