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    the pain is to much..
    mars45 posted:
    Hello ,, i have had lupus for almost a year. and i am on plaquinil twice a day along with other meds. i do have pain medication i can take prn such as lortab. but i dont cause i am a travel nurse and work alot of different shifts. i have been struggling with finding a core job and getting out of traveling. i either work 8 hours eveinings or 12 hours nights or 11am to 11pm. just varies. i have tried hot showers and stretching exercises. but the pain in my back and joints sometimes i have a hard time getting out of bed. and if anyone has suggestions i am open to them .. i dont take the pain medication cause i cant let it alter me. and does make me tired..
    just frustrated and didnt know if it is going to be like this for ever and will always hurt.. really tired of this..


    SafariMom responded:
    Hi Mars45,

    I am also a nurse, although I haven't been in the field for 6 years. I am staying home with the kids now. But I just wanted to say that I am sorry that you are hurting. The only thing that I could suggest is switching to a different area of nursing. Not sure if you are med/sug, ICU, or what, but I know how hard nursing jobs are on your body. You are on your feet A LOT, your body pushes, pulls, bends, stretches, etc. If there is any way that you could give your body a rest for a while, then it may help.

    Good luck !!!

    anowlin responded:
    Hi mars,

    You've run into a bunch of nurses, eh? It's hard to be a nurse with lupus because of the pain. I had sjogren's when I was nursing and then about the same time as it became lupus, I stopped working; that was about 14 years ago and I really miss working. And working in nursing.

    Have you tried a pain clinic? My rheumatologist referred me to one and had my taking tiny doses of various painkillers, but keeping a level in my blood of the analgesics. It didn't snow me at all. The pain clinic had 2 physicians on staff who worked with a PharmD. The pharmD would make recommendations and the physicians (anesthesiologists, I think) would write the scripts if they believed the PharmD was right (pharmacist ran the show, there!!!)

    I hate to think of your trying to work while in pain. Check and see if pain docs can help.
    mars45 replied to anowlin's response:

    thank you for your help. at this time i am not able to stop working but am thinking of a different path in nursing.. i have not thought of pain clinic. i will have to talk to my dr about this. and i guess i will have to stop the travel nursing.. and find just one place to settle. and work.. thank you again it is greatly appreciated.
    mars45 replied to SafariMom's response:

    I work telemetry, and ER, I am in one place for 13 weeks and move to a different job. but have been thinking that i will have to quit the travel and find a perm. job. i am on my feet for 13 hours or better. depends on the day and at this time not able to stop working. maybe i can find a different path in nursing . i have been doing this for 26 years. thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated.
    anowlin replied to mars45's response:
    I was amazed at what pain clinic people did. The doses of meds they had me on were tiny (like 1/2 a pill of ultracet and a tiny dose of another med) but by my taking meds frequently, it kept up a level of analgesia in my bloodstream, so that I was free of pain on very tiny doses of med; then able to work.


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