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    Husband with lupus & vomiting -- are they connected?
    LadyGrayse posted:
    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone on here can help me. This is my first post.

    My husband was diagnosed with Lupus last year (after about 10 years of achy body & joints off & on, plus a host of other symptoms). He's been having bouts of constipation (to the point of having a colonoscopy, which showed a lovely, healthy colon).

    Finally got the constipation under control, but something else is happening now: there are nights when he's up most of the night throwing up (no constipation & hasn't eaten anything particularly spicy). It gets to the point that there's nothing left to come up other than mucus & bile. It seems to start with just a bad case of indigestion and turns into the vomiting.

    Could this be caused by the lupus or could there be something else causing it? Also, he was diagnosed several years ago with both GERD & IBS.

    He refuses to go see a doctor & I'm about at my wits' end and afraid that this may be something very serious. He's stopped taking all of his meds (Plaquenil, Trilipix for high cholesterol, Lexapro) and only takes baby aspirin, naproxen, and a magnesium supplement.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
    lisatru62 responded:
    So sorry to hear about the diagnosis, even sorrier that your hubby isn't taking his meds. Things can go really bad really quickly if you don't take your meds. Plaquenil in particular needs to build up in your system to work effectively.

    Not sure if the digestive issues are related to lupus but I've had problems for years. Probably had lupus ten years ago but was only diagnosed a year ago. My doctors thought I was crazy. I know that asprin and naproxen can cause digestive problems, upset stomach and pain. Look for potential side effects on the label.

    I get occasional stomach pain, cramps and then vomiting. If I eat in the morning and then again late afternoon or early evening things are okay. I eat small amounts. If I don't eat in the morning and then wait till evening I get sick. Also if I eat too late at night I get stomach cramps at around 1am or 2am.

    Check to see how much he is eating and when, spicy food is not the only culprit. Corn products, wheat or even alcohol can cause digestive issues.

    Good luck and keep working on getting him to the doctor and taking his meds. I can't understand why men are so reluctant to see doctors and follow orders.


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