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    Lossing Hair with Lupus?
    barb111 posted:
    Hi there,
    My daughter was just recently diagnosed with Lupus. She has been lossing a lot of her hair, along with her eyebrows. Is there anyone else that is experiencing these problems???
    SafariMom responded:
    I have an auto-immune lupus like condition, and one of my first things that I noticed was that my hair was only about 2 inches long around my hairline. I had been slowly loosing it. From what I have read on other Lupus blogs is that hair loss is common. From other peoples experiences it seems that once they start getting treatment and get out of a bad flare, then it starts growing back. I have read that the hair re-growth is easier with the SLE more than the discoid lupus. Hope this info helps some.
    lupycakes responded:

    One of my first symptoms was hair loss. Sometimes, with treatment the hair will grow back. Hopefully, if she can get the lupus under control the loss will stop and the hair will start growing again.

    love2lol2 responded:
    I have Lupus and yes, I have a spot about the size of a silver dollar that is mostly bald, the hair comes and goes. My hair has thinned quite a bit through the years but that one spot gets me grrr. I also have a spot under my right breast that has flared up. Both were biopsied and came back positive for Lupus. I wear hats all the time, makes it easier
    faithhope replied to love2lol2's response:
    have LUPUS too and my hair falling out really bad i have TWO big bold spots but i have been trying vitatress shampoo and hair cream notice a lil regrowth you should try it and NO sulfate in any shampoo u buy its bad for OUR types of hair do you have any tips i can use
    love2lol2 replied to faithhope's response:
    I was guided to a Selsum Blue shampoo, or the generic form containing Selerium Sulfide. The Dermatologist gave me a prescription for Ketoconazole Cream for the Lupus rash on the crown of my head. That spot will be bald permanently as far as I know because of the biopsy but the shampoo and cream has helped for the rest of the area. It comes and goes, mostly goes but I am 58 now and have dealt with it for so long I don't remember life without Lupus. I noticed for me, if my hair is kept no longer than shoulder length, I tend to keep it for longer periods. I wear hats ALL the time. The hardest thing for me to remember is to watch out for the indoor lighting. Just because you're 'out of the sun' doesn't mean you're out of danger. Some lights (florescent) for me, are just as bad as the sun, so if you have a tendency to read under lamp-light and such, make sure you are using the right kind of light bulbs. Maybe a discussion with your MD.?
    love2lol2 replied to faithhope's response:
    I am just now coming out of a Lupus Flare. UGH!! This was the worst one yet! I can usually stay fairly stress free which is a big trigger for a flare but life happens no matter how hard you try lol. My bald spot is now the size of the palm of my hand and I have about half the thickness as it was. It does usually grow back but I'm thinking this time I may not recover so easily. My Neurologist suggested I go on 600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid. It slows down the effects of aging and I noticed a change for the better! It also helps with weight loss if you're having those issues. You will most likely have to request your pharmacist carry it in that strength tho.

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