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    curious to find out if i should be tested for lupus
    An_248441 posted:
    have been having knee issues for about 10 years now but suddenly this year my both my right and left knees hurt its a deep hurt, aching hurt.. my right knee will swell up to the size of a baseball along with my lower leg below my knee and my foot. also my right hand will get cramped up if holding something for too long or if im doing dishes and scrubbing them which has just started recently. also i do get headaches and my neck will hurt at the same time as i have headaches and will also feel nauseated. i also have this rash on my face it started maybe 2 years back but it started getting worse when i moved from va to nc along with the knee problems and headaches and neck hurting. the rash on my face will go away and then it will appear worse then before it is along both sides of my nose and on my nose and it appears as spots on the bottom of my chin, my forehead and on my cheeks, the spots on my chin, nose are new it seems to correspond with my knees, and my hand, fingers hurting... also i do feel tired all the time too. when my knees hurts it hurts for me to walk and to move and will hurt also when im just sitting down, it hurts to walk up and down steps but my knees dont hurt all the time it seems to hurt if im active,like moving around alot or walking, along with the weather if its cold, rainy or even humid and hot outside they will hurt. also my dad has ryenoids and also has the same rash on his face as i do mine. also i have been to the er because i was in pain the er doctor did say that i had rheumatoid arthritis but i have not been to another doctor to receive a second opinion and i have not been treated for rheumatoid arthritis.please help me because im tired of being in pain and not being treated properly by doctors because i am only 26 years old. also it is hard for me to work for long periods of time on my feet because of my knees hurting.
    lupylisa44 responded:
    Whatever it is, you should go to a doctor to find out! Take a picture of the rash so if it is not present at the time of you appointment, you can show the doctor the picture of it.

    Lupus is diagnosed using 11 criteria. IF you have 4 out of 11 it is likely you have lupus.

  • Face rash, which doctors call a malar rash, that is butterfly shaped and covers the bridge of the nose and spreads across the cheeks
  • Scaly rash, called a discoid rash, which appears as raised, scaly patches
  • Sun-related rash, which appears after exposure to sunlight
  • Mouth sores, which are usually painless
  • Joint pain and swelling that occurs in two or more joints
  • Swelling of the linings around the lungs or the heart
  • Kidney disease
  • A neurological disorder, such as seizures or psychosis
  • Low blood counts, such as low red blood count, low platelet count (thrombocytopenia), or a low white cell count (leukopenia)
  • Positive antinuclear antibody tests, which indicate that you may have an autoimmune disease
  • Other positive blood tests that may indicate an autoimmune disease, such as a positive double-stranded anti-DNA test, positive anti-Sm test, positive anti-phospholipid antibody test or false-positive syphilis test
  • With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.

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    Minimizing steroid side effectsExpert
    It is likely that most lupus patients will at some time be taking steroids to control some aspect of their disease. In order to minimize ... More
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