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    Lupus: My 30 year anniversary!!!
    lupylisa44 posted:
    This week marks the 30 year anniversary of my lupus diagnosis. There have been lots of hurdles and road blocks in those 30 years, but somehow I always get over and through them. Having a positive attitude is my way of fighting this stupid disease.
    Most people who know me don't realize how tough it is to live with lupus, because I rarely let it show. They don't realize that I had kidney failure and had to endure three years of chemotherapy, or that I have to take 15+ pills a day to stay alive. Nobody sees me when I am sick, exhausted and hurting from head to toe. They only see me (actually, I only let them see me) when I look good. Don't let appearances fool you!
    Lupus is a very serious and often deadly disease that takes every ounce of energy, courage, fight and determination to live with day to day.

    I know that I am truly blessed and very lucky be alive! As they say, "everything happens for a reason" and "God doesn't give you more than you can handle." I have learned many valuable life lessons from having lupus. It showed me how strong I really am! Now, I take all of the knowledge and experience I have acquired and use it to help other lupus patient and to spread awareness of lupus. That is my purpose in life!

    With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
    nancyj95 responded:
    Can't say congratulations for having a disease, but I can say "bravo" for living with it as well as you do and for helping others with your great insight! You are always there for all of us in this community with a suggestion, kind words, or just support. I do hope you realize how much it means to all who are a part of or even just follow this community.
    I do know what you mean about only letting people see the "good you" and not when you are really down. Right now I'm fighting the pain of a vertebra fracture which I was blessed with simply by getting off the MRI table too fast. Hopefully the orthopedist will have a suggestion today when I see him. I'm tired of sleeping sitting up in a chair, but bed is out of the question!
    As you say,with love patience and faith we will make it through all these bumps along the way!
    nanjm responded:
    Thank you for your post! I am 24 years old and was recently diagnosed with Lupus. This gives me a lot of hope. I hope that in 30 years I can say the same thing you did in this post!
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I truly admire you, your will, your determination, your strength, your selflessness!

    I'm sorry you are having to recognize this anniversary but glad you are able to support so many also battling Lupus!

    Toasting you today Lupylisa!

    ssh49tn responded:
    God bless you for your encouragement! I was diagnosed this past August with lupus, but had been struggling for well over a year with it. Before being diagnosed, a friend asked how I managed to cope, & I told her that, 'without God, a loving family, & friends that pray for, encourage & support me, I wouldn't.' And that is the best lesson I've learned from all that I've been through with my health, that I can ALWAYS trust Him, no matter what life may through at me! Keep up the good work!

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