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    flare ups
    bren222 posted:
    hadd lupus since 2004 ..flare ups seem to come as soon as im off the prednisone from a previous flare. i take 2 400 mg plaquenil daily, methotrexate 1ml injection weekly, 1mg folic acid, im down to 15 mg prednisone ( from 40 mg october) . i also takd a aspirin a day. heartburn pill. and if i have pain i hVe 400 mg ibuprofin seems no one else takes all these together. i only had sore joints with my flares. this last ond was sore muscles all front of body for no reason and just an overall unwell feeling. pred helps alot then im fat n depressed again help!! i dnt wNna take benlysta im scared.
    lupylisa44 responded:
    Many of us with lupus take multiple meds on a daily basis. I take 15 pills a day! Many people take way more than that!!! Since everyone with lupus is different the combination of drugs will be different as well. I take Medrol (steroid like pred) plaquenil, Cellcept, elavil, zanaflex wellbutrin and prilosec plus a bunch of other meds.

    Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia? It could explain your sore muscles and quite often, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) accompanies fibromyalgia. You may want ot ask your doctor about it.

    With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
    jujubeee714 responded:
    Lots of people with lupus take those meds together. Your certainly not alone.
    I take 26 pills a day. Since lupus is systemic we need pills for the conditions lupus causes as well as for lupus. I am also on blood thinners, I take plaquenil and cellcept and meloxicam (an anti-inflam) for lupus and prednisone during flares as needed. I also take meds for other conditions and for pain.

    Your the norm. I wouldn't sweat it. Love and HUGS, Julie
    ps some lupies are having good results with Benlysta
    bren222 replied to lupylisa44's response:
    was tested for fybro...was negative . was first thing i thought too. thanx lupylisa
    bren222 replied to jujubeee714's response:
    wow 26 pills . guess im good at just the few then. i took cellcept but got a rash n doc assumdd it was from that. never heard of meloxicam hmmm. jus dnt wanna keep getting on the pred ...depresses me wen my face is huge . still gonna wait on the benlysta hope n hope it tapers enuff so i wont need it. thanx jujubee
    jujubeee714 replied to bren222's response:
    I have IBS and don't have fibro. There's no test for fibro, how does your doc know you don't have it? Just sayin...
    Cellcept did wonders for me. Have you tried imuran or methotrexate? They are the other two rheumies use for more severe lupus. Meloxicam is an anti-inflammatory and most of us are on it for our arthritis. Noone likes constant doses of prednisone (the drug we love to hate) and so finding a disease modifyer that helps instead of (like imuran, methotrexate and cellcept) is imperative when you have more severe disease. Are you sure your rash was from cellcept and not the lupus itself? Hope you feel better, Love Julie
    bren222 replied to jujubeee714's response:
    do take methotrexate injections. the muscle pain i had was just for a few days its been gone since. never had it b4, only joint pain i have with my lupus. a rash twice in the 9 yrs ive had this, and i contracted shingles and a slight case of meningitis last year. all my flares are flu like feelings with sore joints, tired outta breath feelings or shoulder/ middle chest pain which im not sure is heartburn or what but my heart checks out fine. im perfectly fine now of course prednisone makin me feel like a rockstar im down to 15 mg. still eatin like a hog. since off cellcept she never tried nothing else.and since off colcrys ( again she assumed a rash was from this also) she never tried nothing else. guess i dont need them.

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